European Youth Centre Budapest


If you are coming to the European Youth Centre Budapest, you will benefit from consulting our list of practical information on the range of services and facilities we provide to make your stay here comfortable.
The information is listed in alphabetical order.

Adapted facilities for users with disabilities

The European Youth Centre Budapest is accessible for wheelchair users and three bedrooms are adapted for visitors with physical disabilities .
The front entrance has level-access and the ground-floor and mezzanine-level are connected via a wheelchair platform stair lift (During activities a ramp can be fitted over the stairs to facilitate frequent use). The garden is accessible via a sloping ramp. All floors are accessible via lift. Accessible toilet facilities can be found on the ground-floor mezzanine-level and the fourth floor, near the main meeting room.
There are three bedrooms which have been adapted for wheelchair users. The rooms are equipped with:

    ˇ a widened entrance door
    ˇ fittings (light switches, sockets) located at an accessible height
    ˇ lower-level storage shelves
    ˇ extra wide bed with double hand-rail running the length of the bed on the wall
    ˇ sliding bathroom access door
    ˇ adapted bathroom fitted with: lowered sink with hinged grab-rail, toilet with grab rails either side, wet room style shower with wrap around grab-rail and folding shower seat.

Please note that the doors, both the entrance to the room and the bathroom, open manually.

The large conference rooms are equipped with an induction loop system for people with hearing aids.

The lift buttons are also labelled in Hungarian Braille. Rooms / venues are not, as yet, signed in Braille.

Please contact reception ( if you have any questions about accessibility / facilities.

Administration offices

These can be found on the third floor. Office hours are from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays, during which time the staff there will be happy to help you.


If you have a feather allergy, please contact Reception, who will be able to provide you with special hypoallergenic bedding and pillows.
If you are allergic to any food items or ingredients and have not informed the EYCB in advance, please contact the Secretariat. After consultation, a special menu corresponding to your needs can be provided.

Audio-visual equipment

Two tape recorders/CD players are at the disposal of groups. Ask for them at Reception, and please return them there after use.
A TV set (with approximately 50 international channels), a video recorder, and two hi-fi sets, one of them with a musical DVD player, are available on the fourth floor. If the VCR is not in place, please ask for it at Reception.
For use of the interpretation equipment, overhead projectors, video-data projector, video camera, small radio-tape recorder etc., the group will need to contact the EYCB in advance. If you have any further questions, please contact your group leaders or the EYCB technician.


There are several banks and Automatic Teller Machines quite close to the EYCB. You can find one if you go downhill from the Centre in any direction. They accept all major credit cards.


You will find leaflets and brochures about Budapest and Hungary in several languages at Reception. You can also find city maps there. A monthly booklet, called Budapest Panorama, tells you about theatre and opera performances, concerts, cultural events, restaurants and museums. Information on ongoing cultural programmes is displayed on the white board in the entrance hall.

Changing money

When changing money in an exchange office anywhere in town, please verify the exchange and commission rates first! It is illegal and highly ill-advised to change money in the street!!

Coffee machine

There is a drinks machine on the ground floor where you can buy a large variety of hot and cold drinks. The prices are listed on the machine. Coffee and tea are available at the counter in the restaurant during meal hours.


In the participants’ computer room on the fourth floor there are several computers and a printer at your disposal. You can also work with Cyrillic keyboards. All computers are connected to the network printer. There is a Wi-fi connection on the 4th floor, on the groundfloor and in the garden. The computers run Windows and the full Office suite (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point). All workstations are connected to the internet 24 hours a day. However, when checking your private e-mail, remember that there are only 6 workstations – so please don’t occupy one for over half an hour if other people are waiting. Please make sure that and that any diskettes you use are virus free!!! The necessary software to check your diskettes is on the computers. Please follow the instructions on the wall. If you encounter problems, please contact the EYCB technician or the person in charge of your activity. If you want to install a programme on the computer, please contact the technician first. Visiting illegal sites on the Internet is strictly forbidden and participants disregarding this regulation may be expelled from the activity, in accordance with Council of Europe policy.


A photocopier for the use of participants and organisers is located on the fourth floor. After switching on the machine, you have to type in a code in order to begin copying. Each group has a different code, allowing for copy charges by group. Please use the copier in an ecologically sound manner. When not in use, the copier goes on stand-by automatically after a few minutes. In the event of problems or if you run out of paper, please contact the EYCB technician. Copies of library materials may be made on the library photocopier. This service is free for amounts of less than 20 pages. For amounts over 20 pages, we charge 18 HUF/page. Please ask the librarian for the photocopier access card.

The person responsible for your group can ask for the key to the discotheque at Reception and he/she must return it when the party is over! This is a fully equipped disco. All you need are CDs and/or cassettes. It is also equipped with a bar, to be run by the group. The manager of the restaurant is happy to provide you with the necessary beverages at agreed and reasonable prices. You are kindly requested to use all equipment in a responsible manner and to keep noise at an acceptable level. After 23:00, please keep noise at a minimum out of consideration for our neighbours and other guests at the EYCB. Please keep the music at a low level for the rest of the night and do not open the windows. Security and reception staff are instructed to inform guests about unacceptable noise harassment.

Tea or coffee with breakfast, and one drink with lunch and dinner, are covered throughout your stay at the EYCB. At lunch and dinner-time coffee or tea and extra drinks can be bought in the restaurant. The restaurant manager will be happy to provide you with drinks for the discotheque and for social events on the fourth floor. Please give sufficient notice.

Environmental protection
The EYCB invites its guests to contribute actively to protect natural resources and our common environment. Everybody can help by acting with care and awareness in everyday life. You are invited to study these simple pieces of advice and apply them while you are at the EYCB and, ideally, take the ideas back home with you and share them with others! Thank you!

Save water

Have a shower instead of taking a bath.
Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
Use the “Start / Stop” function when flushing the toilet.
Inform the reception immediately about dripping taps, running toilets, etc..
When using the washing machine, share with others to make up a full load or use the half-load option.
Get fresh towels only when you need them, following the instructions in the bathrooms.
Return used batteries to the reception - they will be disposed of as special waste and therefore will not poison the ground water. Do not put batteries in the bins in any of the rooms.

Save electricity and gas

Turn off the lights when you are not in your room or when you are the last to leave a working room or leisure room.
Turn the heating down instead of opening the window or turn the heating off when you open the window for airing.
Use the stairs instead of the lift - this is also healthy!

Keep outside doors and windows closed in air-conditioned rooms.

Save paper

Only make as many photocopies as you REALLY need; make sure you know the number of participants and their language needs before you start copying.
Make double-sided copies whenever possible.
Learn about the photocopier before using it to avoid making unnecessary copies.
Throw waste paper in the special recycling bins, which can be found beside the photocopy machines.

You can receive faxes at the following number: (+ 36 1 212 4107. They will be placed in the pigeon hole at Reception corresponding to your room number. Please check the message board in the entrance hall to see whether you have received a fax.

First aid
A first aid kit is available at Reception. The security staff at Reception are trained in first aid. Reception is not authorized to give out any pharmaceutical products, but will be glad to provide you with information on medical services.

In good weather the EYCB’s garden is an ideal place for group work and for relaxation. Here you can play chess and badminton. Please ask for the badminton equipment and for the chess-pieces at Reception if they are not already in the garden.

Gym room
You’ll find the gym room at the end of the corridor in the basement. This space, equipped with a large wall mirror, contains a room bike, a running pad, professional weight-lifting equipment, table soccer and table tennis. Please ask the Reception for the key and rackets.

Laundry room
The self-service laundry room is in the basement and contains two washing machines and a tumble dryer which you are welcome to use without charge (washing powder provided). You can ask for the key to the laundry room at Reception. In this room you can also find an iron and an ironing board. The iron should only be used in the laundry room. Please do not take it to your room.

Leaving the EYCB
Preparing your departure from the EYCB is easy: if you wish to use the Airport minibus, please tell the receptionist at least 24 hours in advance the date and time of your departure and the airline you will be travelling with. They will book a minibus for you.
On the day of your departure, please vacate your room by 9.30 a.m. and do not forget to leave your key at Reception. If you are leaving later in the day and you would like to leave your luggage in the Centre, the receptionist can help you. Please ensure that all library materials have been returned.

If you notice any damage to equipment or furnishings, please inform Reception.

Breakfast: 7.00 - 9.30
Lunch: 12.30 - 14.30
Dinner: 19.00 - 21.00

The restaurant is open only during these hours. There is no pork served in the European Youth Centre Budapest restaurant. Vegetarian meals are available if ordered in advance.

Please remember to bring along the lunch and dinner tickets you receive upon your arrival at Reception or pay directly at the restaurant!!

Please return all restaurant crockery and cutlery to the restaurant area.

Meatless Mondays
Please note that there are no meat products served with any of our meals on Mondays in our restaurant. More information on Meatless Mondays.

Medical Assistance
If you need medical assistance please contact Reception, where you can get the necessary information. When visiting a doctor, always take your passport and insurance documents (if you have them) with you. Please note that the EYCB does not provide medical insurance.

If someone needs to leave you a message, they can do so by calling EYCB Reception: (361) 438-1060 or they can send a fax. The receptionist will note down the message and will put your room number on the message board near Reception to show that you have a message to collect. Please check the message board regularly!

Musical Instruments
There is a piano in the lobby and you can borrow a guitar and percussion instruments from Reception.

The EYCB is situated in a residential area of Budapest. Out of respect for our neighbours we would kindly ask you
not to shout or lead lengthy conversations on or over the balconies;
not to shout from the garden and the parking to the balconies (rather use the internal phones, please.)
to respect the instructions regarding the use of the discotheque
to close outside doors and windows during noisy activities.

The EYCB subscribes to the following daily papers: The Guardian, Le Monde and Süddeutsche Zeitung, Budapest Times. These can be found in the lobby. The weekly paper Pester Lloyd and the magazines Le Monde diplomatique and The Economist are in the library. Please read them on the spot; do not take them away to your bedrooms or conference rooms. Hungarian papers – Népszabadság, Magyar Hírlap, Magyar Nemzet and HVG - can be found in the Secretariat on the third floor. A wide range of other international newspapers are available in town, e.g. at the kiosk in Nyugati metro subway or Mammut.

It is understandable that you will want to use the Centre’s facilities to the full both during the day and at night, and to get as much as possible out of your short stay, but please take into account that the Centre is located in a residential area. Please respect the rest and sleep of others, including other participants in the building. If you need anything during the evening or at night, please contact Reception.

The EYCB is a non-smoking building alike all premises of the Council of Europe. Smoking is allowed outside and in the designated area beside the entrance. Please use the ashtrays provided. If ashtrays are missing, please inform reception.

The EYCB is a place for encounters and parties are part of this! When your group celebrates, thanks for respecting the instructions concerning the use of the discotheque and the neighbours. You are also requested to leave the venue of the party in an orderly manner.

Postal Services
Picture postcards and stamps are on sale at Reception. The mailbox in front of the EYCB is emptied every weekday and on Sundays, around 6 p.m. The nearest post office is at the foot of the hill, on Margit körút. There is a large post office open 7 am-9 pm. on Monday-Saturday and 10 am- 5 pm on Sunday at Nyugati train station.

Public Transport
In Budapest you cannot purchase tickets, on public transport vehicles. You need to buy them in advance. You can do this at metro stations and at Reception in the EYCB. Single tickets are valid for one trip on one vehicle. It is also possible to buy one-day, 3-day, weekly and multi-passes at the main metro stations. Ticket inspectors regularly check tickets, so please remember to validate your ticket in advance by punching it in the machine on the bus/tram at the start of your journey or in the metro station before you board the train. Please be aware that the best ‘hunting ground’ for pick-pockets is on public transport. To find the best ways to get out into the city and back, please consult the maps and leaflets in the entrance area.

This is where you check in and out, where you receive and return the keys to your room, where you will find the message board and where you can pick up faxes and other messages sent to you. This is also the place where you should go first if you need assistance. Meal tickets are also provided through Reception. If you need an iron, a hair dryer or an umbrella, you can ask for it here. Please don’t forget to leave your keys at Reception when you go out of the Centre during your stay.

If you wish to use the sauna, please inform Reception one hour in advance. A minimum of four users is required before the heating is switched on. The sauna is free of charge and towels are provided at Reception.

Upon arrival please read the safety instructions displayed in your room and note the fire exit closest to your bedroom and meeting room. In case of emergency, inform Reception immediately. You are requested to wear your identity badge visibly at all times. If you notice any people without a badge in the building or if you notice any suspicious unattended parcels, please inform Reception immediately.

In the same street as the EYCB, there is a small shop (open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, to 3 p.m. on Saturday and to 1 p.m. on Sunday). If you need a larger selection of products, try one of several supermarkets and shops in the surrounding area. The usual opening hours of shops are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays, and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. The GRoby supermarket, with low prices and a large selection, is open daily to 9 p.m. The big shopping centre ’Mammut’ closes at 9 p.m. Monday-Saturday and at 6 p.m. on Sunday. The large West-End City Centre shopping mall near the Western Railway Station is open daily until 11 p.m., but not all the shops are open till that time. If you want to go to any of these, please ask the receptionist for directions.

The EYCB is a non-smoking building alike all premises of the Council of Europe. Smoking is allowed outside and in the designated area beside the entrance. Please use the ashtrays provided. If ashtrays are missing, please inform reception.

The EYCB’s contractional partner is City taxi. You can order a City taxi to any place in the town by calling their English speaking operator on the following number 2 111 111 (+36 12 111 111 for foreign phones). Please always specify at which exit of the railway station you are waiting at. There are many other companies, of which we recommend the following ones: 6x6 taxi, Főtaxi .and Tele 5 taxi.
Taxi fares:

All taxi companies in Budapest must provide their service on fixed fare from 1st of September 2013 (regulation 31/2013. IV. 18. by the local government of Budapest) as follows:

    ˇ Base fare: 450 HUF
    ˇ Time-based fare unit/ min: 70 HUF / min

    ˇ Distance-based fare unit: 280 HUF / km

If you require an accessible taxi, Meosz operates an accessible minibus service. All minibuses are equipped with either a lift or ramp and parking space for between 1 and 4 wheelchairs. Meosz minibuses need to be booked 2 weeks in adance, you can do this directly by contacting or telephoning +36 61 250 9013. Meosz minibuses cost 2,540HUF for up to an hour’s rental (about 8,7EUR). Főtaxi can accommodate people using a wheelchair who are able to transfer from the chair onto the seat independently; they can only carry folding wheelchairs.


There are card-operated public phones on the groundfloor, second and third floors. You can be called back at any of these phones. The numbers of the phones are (don’t forget the country and city codes (+361) if receiving a call from abroad): ground floor: 316-2050; second floor: 316-2055; third floor: 212-3378. You can buy phone cards at Reception (500 and 800 HUF). When calling abroad dial 00, wait for the tone and then dial the country code and the rest of the number. (You can find the country codes listed on the information sheet on the wall next to the telephone.). You can make internal calls on room phones and the reception can put outside calls through to your room.

In accordance with our water- and energy-saving policy, towels and bathmats are changed only at your request. If you wish your towels and bathmat to be changed, please leave them on the bathroom floor or in the bathtub; fresh ones will be provided.
Thank you very much for your contribution to the saving of water and energy.

Tourist dangers
Budapest is a beautiful place, but it is also a big city where tourists can sometimes become victims of crime. Please be aware of the following:

Pick-pockets operate particularly on public transport and in crowded places.
You are legally obliged to carry a piece of identification with you when leaving the EYC.
Check the prices in bars and restaurants before making your order.
Make sure you use one of the reliable taxi companies to avoid unnecessary expense.
If you are aware of these dangers, you will have an enjoyable time in Budapest.

Please note that the EYCB cannot take responsibility for valuables or personal belongings. At EYCB Reception there is a safe where you can deposit valuables on request.