UEFA EURO 2020 : a challenging European championship!

The overall safety, security and service preparations for UEFA EURO 2020 are a major challenge for the organising countries, as well as for participating and transit countries; even more than for former tournaments, due to the specific feature of this championship.

Indeed this will indeed be the first time that such an event takes place in 12 hosting cities from 11 countries across Europe, from Dublin to Baku. Such a peculiar feature raises the need for stronger cooperation and communication amongst all concerned stakeholders: between UEFA as the organiser of the tournament, the Council of Europe, and the national and local authorities, in particular the network of National Football Information Points (NFIPs).

Following the traditional approach of the Standing Committee to setup an ad hoc working group to address the safety and security preparations of international major sports events, it decided, at its meeting in December 2016 in Strasbourg, to establish a working group on the preparation of UEFA EURO 2020.

This working group first met in February 2017 in Paris and shall meet regularly prior to every Standing Committee’s meeting. In May 2017, at its second meeting, the working group examined three draft documents that will support its activities: a draft handbook on safety, security and service for this competition, a draft action plan and a draft template of memorandum of understanding between the participating states. These documents were adopted in December 2017. A program of visits to the hosting countries will start in 2018.