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Public authorities are responsible for designing policies, adopting legal frameworks and coordinating international domains, such as fraud, corruption, money laundering, data protection, sport governance and sport betting regulation.

The sport movement is the term generally used for sport organisations which govern sport or a particular sport (for example FIFA, IOC), including sports confederations (for example UEFA), national or international sports federations/associations, clubs, as well as competition organisers and competition stakeholders (athletes, athletes support personnel, officials).

Law enforcement commonly includes national police forces, but also encompasses specialised agencies (e.g. anti-corruption units), prosecutors, the courts and judges as well as specialised international organisations (e.g. EUROPOL, INTERPOL).

The betting industry includes private sports betting operators and the national lotteries which often have their own internal monitoring systems, as well as international associations (e.g. World Lotteries, European Lotteries, GLMS or IBIA) and private services providers (e.g. Genius Sport, Starlizard Integrity Services, Sport Radar, Stats Perform).

The Secretariat of the Macolin Convention, with the contribution of Oxford Research and Captivate – Legal and Sports Solutions, has produced a comprehensive account to date of the main public and private bodies / organisations working against the sports manipulations phenomenon entitled “Mapping of Actors involved in Fighting the Manipulation of Sports Competition”.

The "Macolin Clubhouse" encourages and facilitates exchanges between the players involved in the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions. By joining the club, the actors can unleash the full potential of the Macolin Convention through continuous communication and professional cooperation.