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Who will benefit from this project?
  • National platforms, described by the Macolin Convention as mechanisms to exchange information between the various national systems, and who are key to coordinating the fight against competition manipulations at national level.
  • The “national systems” that will benefit from improved communication of information and capacity building are public authorities responsible for sport, sports organisations, competition organisers and public authorities responsible for betting and/or national lotteries/betting regulatory authorities.
  • The end beneficiaries are people involved in sports competitions in all capacities (athletes, coaches, trainers, referees, competition organisers, voluntary or paid officials).
What will the project do?
  • Promote manipulation-free sports competitions and change attitudes (highlight ethical codes and remind that manipulations are crimes, which are sanctioned).
  • Assist networks: establish or reinforce national platforms involving sport movement authorities, sport betting, law enforcement/judiciary and governance to coordinate legislative, capacity-building and awareness raising initiatives on addressing sports competition manipulations.
  • Review national legislation, in line with European standards on anti-manipulation and anti-corruption, to provide for a comprehensive definition of crimes related to sports competitions manipulation; sufficient mandate for relevant authorities to take action; set up sanction mechanisms and whistleblowing support frameworks.
  • Train/Build capacity of prosecutor authorities, law enforcement and judiciary to investigate and prosecute different forms of sports competitions manipulation.
  • Facilitate coordination and exchange of good practices with European counterparts and Council of Europe sectors (notably Rule of Law/Law Enforcement) to cooperate, investigate, punish/stop perpetrators, break the manipulations circle.

The ACT project aims at promoting and enhancing the implementation of the Convention on the Manipulation of Sports competitions, as widely as possible. This means to help countries (upon request):

  • To improve the mechanisms to prevent, detect and sanction national or transnational manipulation of national and international sports competitions.
  • To promote national and international cooperation against manipulation of national and international sports competitions.

The project will particularly focus on two underlying principles:

  • The protection of rule of law lies on the establishment of clear, targeted and applicable legislation and effectively investigating the offences within the relevant jurisdiction without undue delay.
  • An effective fight against manipulation of sports competitions requires increased, rapid, sustainable and properly functioning national and international co-operation.
  • Raise awareness on the wide scale of sports competitions’ manipulations and how they can be prevented, identified, investigated and sanctioned.
  • Increase the dialogue and cooperation among public authorities, sports organisations, competition organisers and sports betting operators at national and international levels through national platforms and their unique international network.
  • Improve the stakeholders’ efficiency at national level through cooperation and capacity-building.
  • Improve legal frameworks on a number of possible topics, from sports betting regulations to criminal law and protection of whistle-blowers.
Expected results
  • Promotional materials for awareness-raising events.
  • Methodological guidance: how to establish a national platform, communication templates, model documents.
  • Legislation grid analysis.
  • Training materials.

Project At a glance

Duration: June 2022 - June 2025

Funding: €261,000 (voluntary contributions) 

Budget: €900,000

Donors: Cyprus Sports Organisation, Ministère des Sports (France), Ministry of Culture and Equality (Norway), European Lotteries, Française des jeux, World Lottery Association, Swiss Federal Institute of Sports.

Implemented by: the Council of Europe Secretariat: Sport Division – Macolin Secretariat.

Group of Copenhagen

 @CoE_Sports, #CoE4Sport


Secretariat of the Macolin Convention