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Panorama of the Macolin Convention

The Panorama offers a systematic overview of the Macolin Convention and contains key information about the Convention and its scope. The Panorama aims at helping public authorities understand the importance of this only rule of international law on the subject to currently exist. At the same time, it also reveals the relevance of the Convention to raise interest of States becoming parties to this international treaty that is open for signature to all countries in the world.

Panorama of the Macolin Convention

Macolin Convention Data Protection Principles

The Data Protection Standard comprises a set of high level requirements, grounded in international data protection frameworks, such as the modernised Convention 108, that National Platforms are expected to comply with when processing personal data pursuant to the Macolin Convention. The Standard is to serve National Platforms in their endeavour of establishing a baseline set of data protection requirements which guarantee an appropriate level of protection for individuals while facilitating the free flow of data among them.

Data Protection Principles

Keep Crime Out Of Sport Project Guidebook

The Guidebook was developed during the Keep Crime Out of Sport (KCOOS) project that was co-financed by the European Union and the Council of Europe and run from 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2017. The Guidebook aims at delivering clarification on the basic concepts and insights into various areas of challenges that are key to the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions. It also illustrates the importance of States in coordinating the efforts and actions of their national stakeholders, while encouraging national and transnational co-operation.

Project Guidebook 2017

Typology Framework

The Typology Framework is a ground-breaking tool classifying the different types of competition manipulations that could fall within the definition provided by the Macolin Convention (Art. 3). Elaborated by the Group of Copenhagen, the Framework promotes clearer communication about the types of manipulations that National Platforms will likely to encounter. It also provides a uniformed statistical basis to help National Platforms identify areas of risk or emerging threats.

Interactive Tool Resource Guide

Alert and Surveillance System

The Handbook on Alert and Surveillance system provides useful and easily accessible tools to strengthen the responsiveness of National Platforms to all forms of manipulation, whether or not related to sports betting. The Handbook ensures a common "language", a base-line understanding for operational stakeholders that ensures efficient and fast communication between relevant stakeholders when there is an immediate risk of competition manipulation. It provides a four-level classification of unusual and potentially suspicious activities and suggests corresponding internal work procedures as well as recommendations for secure and encrypted communication with relevant external stakeholders.

Handbook Action card notice levels Action card surveillance levels

Alert Notices:
Green Yellow Orange Red

Conclusions International Conferences

2018 2016

Mapping of the actors involved in the fight against the competition manipulation

The Secretariat of the Macolin Convention, with the contribution of Oxford Research and Captivate – Legal and Sports Solutions, has produced a comprehensive account to date of the main public and private bodies / organisations working against the sports manipulations phenomenon entitled “Mapping of Actors involved in Fighting the Manipulation of Sports Competition”.