The Secretariat of the Macolin Convention, with the contribution of Oxford Research and Captivate – Legal and Sports Solutions, has produce a comprehensive account to date of the main public and private bodies / organisations working against the sports manipulations phenomenon entitle “Mapping of Actors involved in Fighting the Manipulation of Sports Competition” [ref. T-MC(2017)16] in order to:

  • Achieve an overview of the key national and international stakeholders involved;
  • Describe their responsibilities and connections (in relation to the manipulation of sports competitions);
  • Set out their main initiatives / projects in the field.

The Secretariat looks to see this mapping report as a contribution to a forthcoming process of building a comprehensive database, which is envisaged as a key tool for contributing to the analysis of the current situation in order, both: to help countries implement the Macolin Convention and to detect possible ways to improve national and international co-operations.

This mapping report is only an initial version, which requires continuous updates from actors themselves in order to nurture the flow of information.

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