The concept of a “Macolin Community” was first mentioned during the Strasbourg Conference (20-21 September 2016). It is for the moment a virtual network, connecting all those sharing the same references as defined by the Macolin Convention and the same commitment towards the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions. The Macolin Community will become a reality through the completion of action and presentation of deliverables produced as part of the roadmap.

The sheer amount of actors involved in various initiatives, working together with varying degrees of co-operation, is one of the factors providing added complexity to the fight against the match manipulation. It is however also a richness and the promise for future successes.

To try and clarify the global, regional and national positioning of these actors, a research of the principal actors has been undertaken by the Council of Europe. The “Mapping of the actors involved in the fight against the competition manipulation was initiated on the basis of immediately available information, which explains its present “Eurocentric” dimension. The short-term objective is to encourage national and international actors worldwide to comment and complete the report in order to reflect the real situation.

Download the poster of the mapping

Contribute to the improvement of the Mapping of the actors involved in the fight against the competition manipulation.

The picture of the situation which is illustrated in a visual diagram will also be updated on a regular basis.

The Council of Europe Secretariat is mobilised to develop initiatives aimed at facilitating the interaction between stakeholders. Institutional partnerships should be encouraged (e.g. with INTERPOL, IOC, IAGR) in order to integrate existing networks into the system proposed for the Macolin Community, before the creation of new networks. The Network of Regulators, created in 2015 by the Council of Europe, is already a component of the “network of networks” which is aimed. The Network of National Platforms, created in July 2016 by the Council of Europe as the Group of Copenhagen, brings together those National Platforms considered as “front runners”. On this basis, these networks should act as structured “coalitions of goodwill”, and should be regarded as a point of reference for other countries initiating their own processes for establishing their platforms or developing their regulatory mechanisms according the Macolin Convention.