The "Macolin Community" is a virtual network connecting those who share the objectives and principles of the Macolin Convention, and who fight together against the manipulation of sports competitions.


The large number of actors involved in the fight against corruption in sport represents a challenge, but also a great opportunity to act effectively against this phenomenon

In order to clarify the positioning of these actors on a global, regional and national scale as well as to identify potential synergies, the “mapping of the actors involved in the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions” was initiated by the Council of Europe. This first version, resulting from a compilation of the main information available on the net (checked by the interested parties) obviously presents a "Euro-centred" dimension. The goal, of course, is to encourage national and international actors around the world to comment and complete the report to reflect the real situation.

This exercise is a contribution to develop interactions between actors.

Download the poster of the mapping

Contribute to the improvement of the Mapping of the actors involved in the fight against the competition manipulation.

In addition, inter-institutional partnerships are encouraged in order to enhance the existing sectoral networks before considering the creation of new networks. Thus, in addition to the networks relating to sports organizations and law enforcement (police), the Network of Regulators was created in 2015 by the Council of Europe, as well as the Network of Prosecutors. The Network of National Platforms (Copenhagen Group), created in July 2016 by the Council of Europe brings together National Platforms already existing or in the process of being created (with reference to the measures foreseen in the framework of the Macolin Convention). These networks contribute to enriching the "network of networks" which, through intersectoral activities, should facilitate cooperation and coordination.

Table of current partnerships between the Council of Europe and international actors: