The Consultative Committee comprises members of sports organisations, NGOs and international organisations.

Its Bureau is elected by the members of the Consultative Committee. It comprises a Chair, a Vice-Chair and four other representatives of member organisations. Its term of office is for two years, renewable only once. The current Bureau is composed of the following delegates:

  1. Charlotte Girard Fabre (International Federation of Sport Officials – IFSO), Chair 
  2. Mogens Kirkeby (International Sport and Culture Association – ISCA), Vice-Chair
  3. Andrej Pisl (European University Sports Association – EUSA)
  4. Annamarie Phelps (European Olympic Committees – EOC)
  5. Pauline Johanet (Peace and Sport)
  6. Patrik Perosa (International Dance Organization – IDO)

The Gender Equality Rapporteur, elected in 2022, is Marie Denitton (European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation – ENGSO).

The next Bureau elections will take place in May 2026.

As a partnership body, it gives its opinion on the programme of activities and provides advice for the decisions of the Governing Board.
It is appointed by the Governing Board which also draws up its terms of reference.

  Terms of Reference of the EPAS Consultative Committee

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The following European sports organisations are members of the Consultative Committee: