The Secretariat of the Council of Europe has been overseeing since 5 July  2016 the "Network of National Platforms" (referred to as the "Group of Copenhagen” in reference to the first meeting in Denmark). Since its inception, the Network has met eight times. It laid the foundations for transnational cooperation enabling the exchange of information, experiences and expertise essential to the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions, as defined by the Macolin Convention.


Among the recent results obtained, the Group of Copenhagen has adopted an Alert and Surveillance System (see below) that strengthens the responsiveness of National Platforms to all forms of manipulation, whether related to sports betting or not. A Typology of the manipulations was developed. It now offers references and soon common procedures for:


  • Identify and understand the different situations and cases encountered;
  • Properly mobilize national actors;
  • Coordinating the actions of public authorities to implement effective countermeasures.


The Group of Copenhagen is also developing its tools and partnerships for the monitoring of sporting events, such as during its participation in the Integrity Task Force set up by FIFA as part of the Women's World Football Championship (June 7-July 7, 2019). This model of successful cooperation will be used to monitor future FIFA events.


Finally, the Network is developing its references for the protection of personal data during information exchanges (in cooperation with the Council of Europe Steering Committee of Convention 108+), as well as the implementation of an alert collection process that will include data analysis and interpretation (in collaboration with GLMS). The ultimate objective is to help National Platforms developing strategies and law enforcement increasing the number of investigations and sanctions against the manipulation of sports competitions.


The 29 National Platforms already members of the Group of Copenhagen can be contacted through "unique contact points" (see below).


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  National Platforms' activity reports and action plans :

  Annual Activity Report 2018/2019

2018 Annual Progress Report and  Sport and Sports Betting Integrity Action Plan 2019




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