The Secretariat of the Council of Europe (Sport Conventions Division, DGII) established the “Network of National Platforms” (henceforth referred to as the “Group of Copenhagen” in reference to the first meeting held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 5 July 2016) to act within the framework of co-operation activities for the promotion of the Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions (Macolin Convention).

The Group of Copenhagen endorsed a betting and non-betting Alert and Surveillance System  (see below) of suspicious activities providing practical tools which should increase the reactivity and the efficiency of the National Platforms, as well as their trans-national co-operation (including as part of monitoring of major international sport events.

The Group of Copenhagen is currently developing a new phase of the System, entitled the “Logbook”. The key idea is to set up a multi-sourced data collection process of all betting and non-betting alerts, combined with a data analysis / interpretation process. It should enable the GoC to produce accumulated knowledge capable of helping National Platforms to develop strategies and law enforcement agencies to increase investigations and sanctions against the manipulation of sports competitions.

The 23 National Platforms already members of the Group of Copenhagen are contactable through “single points of contact” (see below).


  Action plan of the Network of National Platforms

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