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The Group of Copenhagen, also called the Network of National Platforms, is the Advisory Group of the Macolin Convention’s Follow-up Committee to enhance the establishment, operation, and development of National Platforms.

A National Platform is the key national hub described in Article 13 of the Macolin Convention dedicated to the co-ordination of the fight against competition manipulation at national level. The Group of Copenhagen pools the representatives of National Platforms, functioning as a global network of operationally engaged experts, working together, and supporting each other to detect, sanction and prevent sports competition manipulation, as defined in the Macolin Convention.

The Advisory Group operates under the authority of the Follow-up Committee and in close cooperation with the Council of Europe Secretariat. Its main tasks include the formulation and development of proposals to strengthen the governance and operational capacity of National Platforms as well as the broader Macolin community. For these, the Group can also support capacity building initiatives as well as propose and undertake research and surveys on general and specific topics.

Regarding the composition and working methods of the Group of Copenhagen, it is coordinated by the Advisory Group Bureau and works through plenary meetings. The Advisory Group may invite observers to attend its meetings, which take place at least two times per calendar year, and participate in its work, without right to vote.

The Bureau, comprising the Chair, the Vice-Chair and five other elected members representing public authorities with a two-year mandate, meet at least four times per calendar year. The Bureau may decide to hold consultations or hearings with stakeholders not included in the Advisory Group and can set up thematic working groups to advise on and/or to implement specific programs and activities.

More information on the functioning of the Group are available on its Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure.


The Bureau of the Advisory Group is currently composed as follows:

  • Chair: Corentin Segalen, France
  • Elected members:
    • Darren Mullaly, Australia
    • Christine Casteels, Belgium 
    • Maria Dimopoulou, Greece
    • Kristian Johnsen Hjetland, Norway
    • Nick Oliver, United Kingdom
group of copenhagen meetings

National Platforms profiles:

 United Kingdom

National Platforms’ activity reports and action plans:

 Annual Activity Report 2018/2019
 2018 Annual Progress Report and Sport Betting Integrity Action Plan 2019