The Council of Europe's Network of National Platforms (referred to as the "Group of Copenhagen") established in 2016, brings together 33 countries represented by Coordinators. The Network has laid the groundwork for transnational cooperation thus enabling the exchange of information, experience and expertise essential to combating the manipulation of sports competitions. More information on the functioning of the Group are available on its Terms of Reference


The Network’s priorities are:


  • Identifying and highlighting best practices;
  • Providing practical support to existing National Platforms to help consolidate and improve their systems;
  • Supporting countries in the creation of their National Platforms;
  • Strengthening the institutional and professional capacities of national and international actors.


The Group of Copenhagen has notably achieved the following:


  • set up an Alert and Surveillance System (see “resources”) that strengthens the responsiveness of National Platforms to all forms of manipulation, whether related to sports betting or not.
  • identified different types of manipulation (see “Typology”) thus establishing a common terminology and adequately mobilising the appropriate actors based on the situation.


Many thematic working groups deal with among other things data protection strategies, establishing mechanisms for the exchange of information and monitoring major sporting events.


The Group of Copenhagen 's activities are supported by FIFA, GLMS, INTERPOL, IOC and UEFA.