Representatives from leading governmental agencies with responsibilities for sport safety and security, and from the National Football Information Point (NFIP) are appointed by the States in order to establish the Committee on Safety and Security at Sports Events. Observers from sport organisations will also be welcomed.

In practice, the Parties should appoint delegates from both the sport sector and the safety and security sector (in most of the cases, Ministry of Sport and Ministry of Interior or Justice). Experts from the sports federations or other relevant sport bodies can be comprised.

The Committee will monitor the application of the convention through a programme of visits to the state parties, based on an ethos of co-operation between States and a “peer review mechanism”. These visits will aim to provide advice and support in order to help the States to improve their policymaking, to take over best practices, and to comply with the provisions of the Convention.

The Committee will make recommendations to the Parties concerning measures to be taken for the implementation of the Convention and will offer them technical assistance according to their needs. It will also hold consultations with relevant partners and facilitate the collection and exchange of experience and good practice between States. 

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