According to the explanatory report, safety, security and service measures cannot be implemented effectively or on isolation by a single agency. This definition points out the fact that a range of agencies are involved in the safety and security of a sport event.


As the measures overlap under the three pillars, their collective implementation has to be coordinated and delivered as part of a multi-agency package. If not, there is a risk that each pillar and the activities of each agency will be pursued in isolation, which can lead to an important loss of efficiency in the overall response.

Three interdependent pillars: Safety, Security and Service

One of the main characteristics of the Convention on an Integrated Safety, Security and Service Approach is the integrated multi-agency approach based on three interdependent pillars: safety, security and service.


The concept of safety gathers all measures related to the protection of people from being injured or facing a risk to their health and well-being during sport events. This comprises stadium infrastructures and certification, contingency plans or measures regarding the consumption of alcohol. Safety measures also protect people on their journey to the event and in public viewing areas outside stadiums.


The concept of security incorporates all measures designed to deter, prevent and sanction any incident of violence or misbehaviour in connection with football or other sport events – inside or outside of a stadium. It includes, in particular, risk assessment, co-operation between police and other relevant agencies and the establishment of sanctions.


The concept of service comprises all measures designed to make football and other sport events enjoyable and welcoming for all, in stadiums but also in public spaces where spectators and supporters gather before, during and after the matches. This incorporates material elements like good catering and toilet facilities; but, above all, it focuses on the manner in which people are greeted and treated throughout the event.