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The European Convention on Spectator Violence entered into force in November 1985, six months after the Heysel disaster in Brussels. The principal aim of the convention is to prevent and control violence and misbehaviour by spectators, as well as to ensure spectator safety during sports events.

At this moment, the convention was signed and ratified by 41 states parties to the Council of Europe, as well as Morocco. Due to this treaty, the contracting parties engage in taking concrete measures to prevent and control spectator violence and misbehaviour at sports events, as well as provisions in order to identify and prosecute trouble-makers. Besides that, during major international events, sports authorities and police of the countries involved co-operate in identifying possible risks in order to prevent them.

 Text of the European Convention on Spectator Violence and Misbehaviour at Sports Events and in particular at Football Matches

 State of signatures and ratifications

A Standing Committee follows the implementation of the convention and monitors the progress achieved in visited countries. It also adopts recommendations and responds to new concerns. Following a recommendation of the committee (Rec(2015)1), an update of the original text of the convention is under way since 2015 with a view to promoting a better multi-agency and integrated approach of safety, security and service based on effective arrangements and partnerships for an international, national and local coordination.

 Recommendation Rec (2015) 1 of the Standing Committee on Safety, Security and Service at Football Matches and other Sports Events