How to implement the Convention?


The Convention is complemented by the  Recommendation Rec(2015)1, as revised in 2019 and adopted in 2020 of the Standing Committee on Safety, Security and Service at Football Matches and Other Sports Events, which is the synthesis and update of all recommendations adopted by the Standing Committee during the last 30 years. It supports the convention and explains how to implement it in a very detailed manner, by presenting established and recommended best practices. It was updated in 2019 and adopted again by the Standing Committee in 2020.

This recommendation is undoubtedly the ideal supplement to interpret the articles of the new Convention. Thanks to its four annexes below, each state can evaluate to which extent its safety, security and service arrangements for football matches and other sport events comply with good practices described in the recommendation.

 Core principles set out in the recommendation

Annex A: Safety – measures aimed at protecting the health and wellbeing of individuals or groups which attend or take part in a football match and in another sport event, inside and outside of sport venues.

Annex B: Security – measures aimed at preventing, reducing risks and/or reacting to possible acts of violence or other criminal offenses committed on the occasion of a sport event, inside and outside of sport venues.

Annex C: Service – measures aiming at ensuring that persons and groups feel well and have the perception that they are appreciated and welcome during a sport event, inside and outside of sport venues.

Annex D: Checklists - intended to assist each state to monitor the extent to which it implements the good practices set out in the recommendation.


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