“Support to Safety of Journalists, Media, and of Access to Information, including communication strategy for Prosecutor General’s Office in Ukraine” project

The Project “Support to Safety of Journalists, Media, and of Access to Information, including communication strategy for Prosecutor General’s Office in Ukraine” (SJM-SCOM) aims to support the Ukrainian media community in addressing current needs and consequences of the Russian aggression and war in Ukraine. It is implemented in the framework of Priority adjustment to the Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine 2018-2022.

The Project is built around four main measures:

  • Measure 1. Support the Ukrainian Audiovisual Regulator and National Public Broadcasting Company in enabling their capacities to function under the new circumstances;
  • Measure 2. Providing a HQ Hub for Media Support, Safety and Prevention of Information Disorder through information sharing/connecting to Council of Europe Platform for Protection of Journalism and Safety of Journalists alerts;
  • Measure 3. Support to the Ukrainian media and journalists’ organisations in informing public on war reporting while internally displaced or refugeed; and
  • Measure 4. Support the Prosecutor General’s Office on strategic communication (internal/external communications) to address newly emerging needs.


The total budget of the Project amounts to EUR 390 000.

The Project is implemented until 31 December 2022.


  • Enabled grants aimed at improving working conditions and governing systems during the times of war;
  • Provided standard advising on audiovisual regulating and broadcasting during times of war;
  • Reenforced capacity of media professionals during times of war;
  • Provided standard based advising and policy information on freedom of expression and Safety of Journalists in times of armed conflicts;
  • Enabled grants aimed at strengthening capacities to report and visibility;
  • Provided training and capacity building on war reporting and its consequences;
  • Provided information and tools on legal, social, and medical protection of Journalists;
  • Provided policy and technical advice on Strategic Communication to the Prosecutor General’s Office (OPG) of Ukraine;
  • Built capacity and made available tools on custom made communication for OPG and media actors/journalists.


The key partners of the Project are JSC “Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine” (UA:PBC), National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine, Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, Parliamentary Committees on Humanitarian and Information Policy and on the Freedom of Speech, Prosecutor General’s Office in Ukraine, civil society organisations working in the sphere of media, relevant professional associations etc.