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CyberSouth: Advanced Judicial Training on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence in Lebanon

16, 17, 19 January 2019 Beirut, Lebanon

Council of Europe in partnership with the Ministry of Justice in Lebanon organised on 16, 17 and 19 of January 2019, under the framework of CyberSouth project, an advanced judicial training on cybercrime and electronic evidence. This training session was delivered to the magistrates who...

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CyberSouth: Second Steering Committee meeting

26 November 2018 Strasbourg, France

The Second Steering Committee of the project was held in Strasbourg on 26 of November 2018, before the 20th Plenary of the Cybercrime Convention Committee. Representatives of national project teams, project partners such as the European Commission, the Romanian National Police, the Directorate...

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GLACY+: ECTEG course on Internet and darkweb Investigation

17 - 21 December 2018 Dakar, Senegal

In the framework of the GLACY+ Project, the ECTEG course on Internet and darkweb Investigation was delivered to the law enforcement officers in Senegal during 17-21 December 2018 by INTERPOL in its capacity as the implementing partner of the project. The goal of the training was to provide the...

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GLACY+: Sierra Leone works on the first national legislation on cybercrime and electronic evidence

11-14 December 2018 Freetown, Sierra Leone

In the presence of the Chief Minister, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, the Minister of Internal Affairs and the acting Minister of Information and Communication, the Council of Europe delegation worked in a 4-day workshop with Sierra Leonean authorities to the drafting of the first...

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