Bucharest, Romania | 13-15 December 2023

The Octopus Conference is part of the Octopus Project which is currently funded by voluntary contributions
from Canada, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, UK and USA.

 Held every 12 to 18 months by the Council of Europe, the Octopus Conference constitutes one of the biggest and finest platforms of exchange in cybercrime gathering experts from more than 100 countries, international organisations, private sector and academia. 

 The focus for the 2023 edition will be two-fold:

  • Securing and sharing electronic evidence: the tools are here – let’s use them!
  • Capacity building on cybercrime and electronic evidence: 10 years of Cybercrime Programme Office (C-PROC) – What impact so far; what’s next?
series of events

11-12 December

Plenary of the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY)

Participation in the T-CY plenary is restricted.

12 December

Meeting of the International Network of National Judicial Trainers

Invited participants only.

13 - 15 December

Octopus Conference 2023

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AGENDA: 13 December 2023

AGENDA: 14 December 2023

AGENDA: 15 December 2023

Register for the events

Register for the Octopus conference and/or 29th T-CY 

Participation is subject to registration and is free of charge. Registration will be open from 1 September to 31 October 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact Octopus Conference Secretariat

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information for participants
  • Visa: kindly note that visa arrangements are the traveler’s responsibility
  • Accommodation: more details to be announced shortly
  • Meals: more details to be announced shorty

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