The Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) represents the State Parties to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime.

Based on article 46 of the Convention, the consultation of the Committee aims at facilitating the effective use and implementation of the Convention, the exchange of information and consideration of any future amendments.

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Ransomware: New Guidance Note by the T-CY

29-30 November 2022 Strasbourg

The Cybercrime Convention Committee just adopted a guidance note on “ransomware”. This new GN shows how the provisions of the Convention on Cybercrime and its new Second Additional Protocol can be used to criminalise, investigate and prosecute ransomware-related offences and to engage in...

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Timor Leste invited to join the Convention on Cybercrime

25 October 2022 Strasbourg

On 6 October, Timor Leste was invited to accede to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. Following up on this, the Cybercrime Programme Office of the Council of Europe held an online meeting on 24 October with the Directorate of Legislation of the Ministry of Justice of Timor Leste. It was...

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Original instrument confirming Nigeria’s accession to the Convention on Cybercrime received

28 August 2022 New York, United States of America

The original instrument confirming Nigeria’s accession to the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime was received on 28 August 2022 in New York in the fringes of the UN Ad Hoc Committee on ICT crime. The Convention will enter into force for Nigeria on 1 November 2022. This comes after Nigeria...

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