The Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) represents the State Parties to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime.
Based on article 46 of the Convention, the consultation of the Committee aims at facilitating the effective use and implementation of the Convention, the exchange of information and consideration of any future amendments.
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Budapest Convention at ISCR 2019

22-24 May 2019 Seoul, Korea

ISCR, the International Symposium on Cybercrime Response is organised annually since 2000 by the Korean National Police Agency. The 2019 edition held in Seoul, Korea gathered participants representing law enforcement agencies from some 80 countries, and also representatives from a number of...

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San Marino joins the Budapest Convention and its Protocol on Xenophobia and Racism

8 March 2019 Strasbourg

San Marino deposited the instrument of ratification of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime and its Additional Protocol on Xenophobia and Racism. With San Marino, the Convention on Cybercrime has now 63 Parties. A further 8 States have signed it or been invited to accede. State of signatures,...

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Peru: accession to Budapest Convention approved by Congress

30 January 2019 Lima, Peru

On 30 January 2019, the Congress of Peru unanimously approved the act of accession to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. This will allow the Government of Peru to deposit the instrument of accession at the Council of Europe and to become a Party to this treaty in the very near future.

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