The Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) represents the State Parties to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime.
Based on article 46 of the Convention, the consultation of the Committee aims at facilitating the effective use and implementation of the Convention, the exchange of information and consideration of any future amendments.
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Towards a Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime: additional stakeholder consultations

10 November 2020 Strasbourg, France

The Cybercrime Convention Committee invites interested stakeholders to submit written comments on draft provisions of the 2nd Additional Protocol to the Budapest Convention by 15 December 2020. The following new draft provisions have not been subject to previous stakeholder consultations: Joint...

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New Zealand on course to join the Budapest Convention

24 September 2020 Strasbourg, France

New Zealand has been invited by the Council of Europe to accede to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. The Government is currently undertaking the necessary domestic measures, including stakeholder consultations, to complete the accession process. New Zealand now also has observer status in...

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The Budapest Convention on Cybercrime in operation: new T-CY report

9 July 2020 Strasbourg, France

The Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) has finalised a new report illustrating the benefits and impact of the Budapest Convention on legislation, domestic and international investigations, public/private cooperation and the strengthening of criminal justice capacities globally. The report...

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23rd T-CY Plenary (30 November 2020)

7th Protocol Drafting Plenary (1-3 December 2020)