The Octopus Project is a Council of Europe project based on voluntary contributions from States Parties and Observers to the Convention on Cybercrime and other public and private sector organisations, aiming to support the implementation of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime, its Protocols and related standards, as well as to address additional challenges that came to the forefront in the course of 2020.

Results are expected in the following areas:

 Duration of the project: 1 January 2021 – 31 December 2024



 Project summary, August 2020 (.pdf)

 Octopus Project video, July 2021

 Full report: The Budapest Convention on Cybercrime: benefits and impact in practice, July 2020 (.pdf)

 Podcast: Cathie talks about cybercrime with Alexander Seger: EN, October 2021

 Anniversary webpage: 20 years of the Convention on Cybercrime, October 2021

 Factsheets: Budapest Convention | First Additional Protocol | Second Additional Protocol, November 2021 (.pdf)

 Video: Budapest Convention explained: EN | FR | ES, November 2021

 Video: First Additional Protocol explained: EN | FR | ES,  November 2021

 Video: Second Additional Protocol explained: EN | FR | ES, November 2021

 Article: A new Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime: For a more effective criminal justice response to crime online – with strong safeguards, November 2021

 Podcast: More cybercrime with Alexander Seger: EN, May 2022

 Podcast: Cybercrime roundtable: EN, May 2022

 Leaflet: Joining the Convention on Cybercrime: Benefits: EN | FR | ES, June 2022 (.pdf)

Activities Activities

The Netherlands makes a voluntary contribution to the Octopus Project

24 November 2022 Strasbourg, France

The Netherlands, through the Ministry of Justice and Security, made a voluntary financial contribution of EUR 50 000 to the Octopus Project implemented by the Council of Europe until 31 December 2024. The project, based on voluntary contributions from State Parties and Observers to the Convention...

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More action needed to promote the role of women in the fight against cybercrime

10 November 2022 San José, Costa Rica

Women have a crucial role to play in effective criminal justice responses to cybercrime, stated participants in the International Conference on promoting the role of women in preventing, investigating and prosecuting cybercrimes organised by the Council of Europe in cooperation with the...

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Strengthening international cooperation on cybercrime and electronic evidence in the Americas

7 November 2022 San José, Costa Rica

Efficient international cooperation has never been more important in enabling an effective and comprehensive criminal justice response to cybercrime and other crimes involving electronic evidence, emphasised participants in the 2022 Americas Regional Forum organised by the Council of Europe in...

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