Global Action on Cybercrime Enhanced (GLACY-e)

The GLACY-e (Global Action on Cybercrime Enhanced) is a Joint project of the European Union (Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation instrument – NDICI-Global Europe) and the Council of Europe.

Global Action on Cybercrime Enhanced (GLACY-e) is built on the achievements of the previous GLACY+ project and follow a similar rationale in terms of countries selected for support. The Project has eight countries in Africa, Asia/Pacific and Latin America that serve as hubs and multipliers to share experience, tools, and good practices with the countries of their respective region: Chile, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Mauritius, and Tonga.


To strengthen the capacities of States worldwide to apply legislation on cybercrime and electronic evidence, and to enhance their abilities for effective international cooperation in this area and foster South-South cooperation.

1. To promote the adoption and implementation of consistent cybercrime legislation, policies, and strategies.

2. To strengthen the capacity of police authorities to investigate cybercrime and engage in effective police-to-police cooperation.

3. To enable criminal justice authorities to apply legislation and prosecute and adjudicate cases of cybercrime and electronic evidence and engage in international cooperation, in line with international human rights and rule of law standards.

4. To strengthen the capacities of hub countries in building capacity on cybercrime and electronic evidence in their regions and foster their regional role in south-south cooperation.



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GLACY-e and Octopus Projects: The first pool of national judicial trainers of Brazil finalise the training programme on cybercrime and electronic evidence

8-12 April 2024 Sao Paulo, Brazil

A group of 19 prosecutors from several regions of Brazil underwent the advanced training course on cybercrime and electronic evidence from 8 to 12 April 2024, at the Prosecutor's Office in São Paulo. The course was organised by the Federal Public Ministry of Brazil with the support of the GLACY-e...

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C-PROC activity report for 2023

5 April 2024 Strasbourg

Today, Secretary General Marija Pejčinović Burić shared her report on the activities in 2023 of the Cybercrime Programme Office (C-PROC) of the Council of Europe with the Committee of Ministers. This report confirms once again the global scope and impact of capacity building by C-PROC: "In 2023,...

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GLACY-e: Practitioner-to-practitioner webinar on romance scams stirs up lively discussions among participants

26 March 2024 online

On 26 March, a new practitioner-to-practitioner (P2P) webinar was organised by the GLACY-e project in the framework of the International Network of National Judicial Trainers (INJT), with the support of the other capacity building projects implemented by the Cybercrime Programme Office. The...

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