CyberSouth: Working group meeting to build a manual on cybercrime and electronic evidence in Tunisia

10-14 June 2019 Tunis, Tunisia

On 10-14 June 2019, the first meeting of the working group in charge of developing a manual on cybercrime and electronic evidence for Tunisian magistrates was held in Tunisia. This first meeting was supported by the CyberSouth project and aimed at discussing the details of the manual and its...

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CyberSouth: Supports the delivery of Electronic Evidence Training

3-6 June.2019 Budapest, Hungary

During the period of 3-6 June 2019, CEPOL and European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) organised a training on the topic of handling of electronic evidence 36 EU law enforcement officers and prosecutors involved in cybercrime investigations. The aim of the training was to provide to the...

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GLACY+: Cyber security and cybercrime maturity assessment of Namibia

22-24 May 2019 Windhoek, Namibia

An assessment of the cyber security and cybercrime capacities of Namibia has been conducted through a joint in-country mission of the World Bank, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the UK FCO and the Council of Europe, in the framework of the GLACY+ Project. The initiative, coordinated by the Ministry...

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iPROCEEDS: Judicial Course on Cybercrime, Electronic Evidence and Online Crime Proceeds delivered by national trainers in Turkey

14 – 17 May 2019 Ankara, Turkey

Lack of adequate training can be a major obstacle in having judges and prosecutors responding to the threat of cybercrime, online crime proceeds and handling electronic evidence in an effective and efficient way. The key actors in the criminal justice system, need more than ever to know and...

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GLACY+: Introductory Judicial Training of Trainers on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence in Cape Verde

6-10 May 2019 Praia, Cape Verde

GLACY+ delivered the first Introductory Judicial Training of Trainers (ToT) on cybercrime and electronic evidence for judges, prosecutors lawyers and other judicial officials of Cape Verde. The 31 participants consisted in a mixture of judges, prosecutors, lawyers, judiciary police officials, and...

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