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iPROCEEDS: Workshop on online financial fraud and credit card fraud

3 December 2018 SKOPJE, "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"

Cybercrime of today is driven mostly by financial gain and thus rapid detection and action on illegal money flows on the Internet often a necessity to identify and minimize damages from the criminal activity. Most cybercrime reported and investigated by criminal justice authorities is related to...

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iPROCEEDS: New cybercrime indicators for financial sector

3 DECEMBER 2018 SKOPJE, "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"

The Internet-based offences generate proceeds of crime and often the Internet is the place where the laundering process begins. Currently there is general agreement that generating proceeds is now the primary purpose of cybercrime. The new developments of the payment systems offer opportunities...

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iPROCEEDS: Second National Delivery of the Introductory Training Module on Cybercrime, Electronic Evidence and Online Crime Proceeds

21 - 24 November 2018 Ankara, Turkey

Following a successful pilot delivery to candidate judges and prosecutors in Ankara in December last year, the iPROCEEDS project is supporting the second national delivery of the “Introductory Training Course on Cybercrime, Electronic Evidence and Online Crime Proceeds”. The training module is...

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CyberSouth: Basic Judicial Training in Jordan

19, 21-22 November 2018 Amman, Jordan

Within the framework of the CyberSouth project, a basic judicial training on cybercrime and electronic evidence was held on 19, 21 and 22 November 2018 in Amman at the Judicial Institute of Jordan. The aim of this activity was to provide to civilian and military judges and prosecutors basic...

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