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Improving cybercrime reporting and related criminal justice statistics in the Dominican Republic

16-17 October 2017 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The Council of Europe conducted an advisory mission with various Dominican public institutions such as the INDOTEL, National Police, DNI, DICAT, the Prosecution Service, and the Judiciary at the INDOTEL premises in Santo Domingo with the objective to gather information on cybercrime reporting...

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GLACY+: Second Residential Workshop for District Judges and Magistrates in Sri Lanka

13-15 October 2017 Kandy, Sri Lanka

The second session of the Workshop on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence, dedicated to Sri Lankan District Judges and Magistrates across the country, is taking place in Kandy, Sri Lanka on 13-15 October. The residential workshop is organized under the structure of an introductory judicial course,...

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EAP III: Update of procedural legislation and public-private cooperation studies in the Eastern Partnership region

12-13 October 2017 Baku, Azerbaijan

Meetings with criminal justice institutions, regulatory authorities and Internet service providers in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 12-13 October 2017, has opened the series of follow-up visits to Eastern Partnership states, which aim to update two studies developed previously by the Council of Europe:...

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iPROCEEDS: Study visit on CSIRT/CERT Regulations and Operational Environment

12-13 October 2017 Bucharest, Romania

Cyber security and the protection of critical information infrastructures are vital for citizens and the private sector to trust the internet. Therefore, the creation of well-functioning Computer Security Incident Response Teams/Computer Emergency Response Teams (CSIRT/CERTs) is crucial. The...

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