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Octopus Project: Authorities in Barbados are pursuing updates of their domestic cybercrime legislation in line with the Budapest Convention

22-23 July 2021 Online

National authorities of Barbados are invested in updating their domestic legislation on cybercrime and electronic evidence in line with the provisions of the Budapest Convention as the international legislative standard in the field. Following the Desk review and Online Workshop on Cybercrime...

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GLACY+: Introductory Training Course on Cybercrime for Judges and Prosecutors from ECOWAS French speaking countries

12-15 july 2021 ONLINE

The ECOWAS Commission and the Council of Europe are partnering, through the OCWAR-C and, respectively, the GLACY+ project, to support strengthening national and regional judicial capacity in the ECOWAS region through a training programme on cybercrime and electronic evidence. Between 12 - 15 July...

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CyberEast: Call for Tenders for the provision of research services


The CyberEast project, a joint project of the European Union and Council of Europe, has launched a Call for Tenders for the provision of research services aiming to identify 1 research company provider in each of the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to...

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CyberSouth: National Workshop for supporting the establishment of the 24/7 Contact Point in Tunisia

13 July 2021 online activity

In order to assist the Tunisian authorities to complete the process for accession to the Budapest Convention and following their request, a meeting on the establisment of 24/7 Contact Point (CP) took place, online, on the 13th of July 2021. This workshop follows the previos advisory mission on...

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CyberEast: Series of Training Courses on Templates for Data Preservation and Subscriber Information in the Eastern Partnership countries finalized

May - July 2021 Online

The primary purpose of international cooperation in cybercrime investigations and proceedings is the preservation and production of admissible and reliable evidence that can be used in pre-trial and trial proceedings in criminal cases. Electronic evidence in cases of offences against and by means...

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