CyberSouth: ECTEG Live Data Forensics Training

18-22 February 2019 Bucharest, Romania

The primary purpose of cybercrime investigations and proceedings is the preservation and production of admissible and reliable evidence that can be used in pre-trial and trial proceedings in criminal cases. Electronic evidence in cases of offences against and by means of computer systems is...

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CyberSouth: Briefing meeting with the Embassies regarding cybercrime and electronic evidence

15 February 2019 Bucharest, Romania

The Council of Europe in cooperation with the Embassy of Lebanon in Romania organized a breakfast briefing on the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime and activities related to CyberSouth project on 15 of February 2019, in Bucharest, Romania. The briefing addressed representatives from Arab speaking...

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CyberSouth: Advanced Judicial Training on cybercrime and electronic evidence in Tunisia

5-8 February 2019 Tunis, Tunisia

Following the initial judicial training on cybercrime and electronic evidence delivered last November, under the framework of CyberSouth project, the Council of Europe and the Tunisian Superior Institute of Magistrates (ISM) organised the advanced training session. The training was dedicated to...

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GLACY+: Costa Rica joins the countries that received Basic Judicial Training on cybercrime

11-15 February 2019 San José, Costa Rica

The GLACY+ project is delivering the first Introductory Training of Trainers (ToT) Course on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence in San José. The medium term goal of this course is to establish a group of Costa Rican trainers able to instruct and equip their peers with the basic skills and...

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GLACY+: Basic Judicial Training in Nigeria

28 January - 1 February 2019 Abuja, Nigeria

GLACY+ trainers delivered the Introductory Judicial Training of Trainers’ (ToT) Course on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence to a group of 24 judges, prosecutors and members of the Federal Ministry of Justice in Nigeria. The training course included sessions on technology, threats and trends,...

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