The co - operation activities complement the statutory activities of the Congress, its Chambers and Committees. They provide a link between the recommendations and resolutions adopted at the plenary sessions and the situation on the ground, and are based on political dialogue and the monitoring of the provisions of the European Charter of Local Self - Government.

Due to its expertise and experience in local and regional democracy, the Congress is in a position to provide local and regional authorities, and their associations, with the opportunity and means to acquire new skills and ‘know - how’, and to strengthen their institutional capacities.

Programmes and activities are implemented bilaterally in the framework of the Council of Europe Action Plans for specific member States or within the Council of Europe Policy towards neighbouring regions, and those implemented multilaterally in the framework of specific partnerships such as the European Union's Eastern Partnership, and the Southern Neighbourhood.

Activities are organised within the Council of Europe Policy towards neighbouring regions. The adoption by the Congress, in 2014, of the status of Partner for Local Democracy offers a new opportunity to reinforce this cooperation. In addition, the Congress Bureau adopted in 2017 the South-Med Partnership programme which is designed as a framework for the co-operation projects implemented in the southern Mediterranean countries, in particular in Morocco and Tunisia.

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