CARTA-MONITOR: what is it? 

Carta Monitor is an online user-friendly database which provides a quick and easy access to a comparative analysis, article by article, of the application of the European Charter of Local Self-Government in the 47 Member States of the Council of Europe. 

What is the purpose of CARTA-MONITOR and to whom is it oriented? 

Carta Monitor allows for statistical research on ratifications of articles and compliance with their implementation in 47 Member States of the Council of Europe. This practical tool facilitates the daily work of local and regional governments and serve as a research support for academics and other professionals who work in the field of local self-government in Europe. 

How does CARTA-MONITOR work? 

The integrated filter allows to proceed for a multi-level research and gives a comparative analysis of the application of the Charter by country. The provisions of the convention can be displayed according to their ratification (for some with reservation), non-ratification, compliance, partial compliance, or non-compliance in one or more countries. The users can also access to the latest reports, recommendations and resolutions on local (and regional) democracy adopted by the Congress. 

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monitoring committee monitoring committee

The Committee on the Honouring of Obligations and Commitments by member states of the European Charter of Local Self-Government (Monitoring Committee) is responsible for assessing the application of the Charter.

the charter the charter

The European Charter of Local Self-Government lays down standards for protecting the rights of local and regional authorities and requires the 47 member states of the Council of Europe - which have all ratified it - to comply with a number of principles. The voice of municipalities and regions, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe is a political assembly of the Council of Europe responsible for ensuring the proper application of this international convention.

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Monitoring Committee and Observation of local and regional elections

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Stéphanie Poirel
Assistant: Ekaterina Kotnova
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