The Congress of the Council of Europe is convinced that local and regional authorities have the responsibility to promote civil participation by making sure that all citizens can have an active role in the decision-making process. It is also essential for local and regional authorities to establish a constructive dialogue with NGOs, ensuring that their concerns are systematically taken into consideration. The Congress has always recognised the importance of cooperation between local and regional authorities and NGOs, as witnessed by a joint memorandum with the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe published in 2008 in Resolution 260(2008) “Partnership between local and regional authorities and non-governmental organisations in Council of Europe member states”.


The online compendium BePART is a new project developed jointly by the Congress, the Conference of INGOs and the Division of Elections and Participatory Democracy. It will be launched in early 2022 offering public authorities and NGOs the opportunity to share best practices on successful implementation of the Code. This compendium complements the online tool bE-Open, launched by the Congress in 2021, to support local and regional governance actors in their efforts to improve the quality of local democracy.

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The Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) of the Council of Europe is the representative body of the INGOs enjoying participatory status with the Council of Europe.


The Division of Elections and Participatory Democracy promotes and assists the implementation of standards and mechanisms to engage citizens in political decision-making.


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