This page is intended to give Congress delegates a clear overview of their commitments with regard to membership as well as easy access to relevant information concerning their participation in the Congress’ work.

Code of conduct

Congress delegates must commit themselves to respecting the Code of Conduct and must sign the following declarations:

  • Declaration of adherence to the values of the Council of Europe
  • Declaration of interests and conflicts of interest

A form for submission of allegations of breach of this code can also be found on this page.


During the course of their participation in the work of the Congress, members may find it necessary, where applicable, to make a declaration relating to gifts worth more than €100.

Practical information

The practical arrangements for Congress meetings are detailed below, in particular, the reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses, interpretation for statutory meetings and translation of documents into unofficial languages.

Mandatory declarations Mandatory declarations
Ethics of the Congress Ethics of the Congress
Practical arrangements for Congress meetings Practical arrangements for Congress meetings
Sessions and meetings Sessions and meetings

To register for the Congress meetings and/or sessions, you will need to connect to your personal Who's Who account and fill in the on line forms.

 Registration webpage

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