The historic events in the countries of the southern Mediterranean in 2011 paved the way for far-reaching changes in the region, including the start of processes of opening up and democratisation. In view of the situation and the resulting dynamic, the Council of Europe has conducted a new policy towards its immediate neighbourhood, in particular North Africa, since 2011. The Congress was closely involved in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Partnership documents with Morocco and Tunisia. With its partners in the Council of Europe, it is responsible for implementing their local and regional democracy component, the purpose of which is to assist with the local and regional reforms currently taking place. It is within this context that the Bureau of the Congress adopted on 10 February 2017 a co-operation programme for southern Mediterranean countries entitled South-Med Partnership to meet the objectives of the neighbourhood policy. Read more

South-Med Partnership: a co-operation programme South-Med Partnership: a co-operation programme
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