The Congress has always been convinced that local and regional good governance entails a full compliance with fundamental freedoms and human rights. Local governments, with a political leadership accountable to citizens, are key players in guaranteeing human rights. Thus the Congress has been collecting data and good practice examples of human rights applications at local and regional levels of government.

Its aim is to:

  • promote awareness among elected representatives of their responsibilities in dealing with human rights issues that affect people’s everyday lives at the local level ;
  • encourage the national, as well as local, authorities to be trained in the field of human rights ;
  • disseminate reliable information among citizens about their rights.
Human Rights Handbook Human Rights Handbook

The Congress has produced a Human Rights Handbook, the first volume of which is devoted to the right to non-discrimination against three groups: refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants; Roma and Travellers; and LGBTI persons. It includes a presentation of the legal framework and the role that local and regional authorities can play, as well as 65 good practices implemented in more than 25 countries.

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