To reduce inequality, policies have to be put in place to empower and promote the social, economic, and political inclusion of all. Inequalities can take different forms : social exclusion is one of them. It is necessary to ensure equal opportunity for all individuals and groups taking part in our society, independently of their characteristics. Because social exclusion means that individuals are blocked or denied access to fundamental rights, opportunities or resources such as housing, employment, healthcare or democratic participation, it is fundamental we erase it.

congress action

The approach of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities is based on three key principles: achieving SDGs is the shared responsibility of all levels of government; local and regional authorities must have the necessary competences and financial autonomy to achieve the goals in their respective areas; citizens must always remain at the heart of the action.

The Congress promotes equality and inclusion of all groups. It has adopted several texts on social inclusion concerning minorities, youth, refugees, migrants, Roma and Travellers. It also encourages the implementation of equitable policies for the distribution of financial resources between communities, especially in border regions.

The Congress adopted the following texts in relation to SDG 10:

The following thematic activities of the Congress are particularly related to SDG 10:

Congress has issued the following SDG 10 relevant publications: