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Media in times of crisis play an essential role and have a particular responsibility to provide accurate and reliable information to the public – such information are crucial for our health.

This is reflected in the increased consumption of news from established media sources, as the public is again placing trust in the explanatory and reporting power of quality journalism.

However, as journalists strive to adapt their activities to the health crisis, new challenges are amplifying the pre-existing weaknesses of the media sector and reinforcing concerns for media freedom.


The online discussion provides an opportunity to share experience among journalists, media professionals, researchers and civil society and discuss the effects of COVID-19 on:

  • media reporting
  • public discourse
  • sustainability of the media sector
  • restrictions on freedom of expression and media freedom

The discussion aims to deliver an overview of challenges identified in the Council of Europe member states, explore possible solutions to which the international community and the Council of Europe could give its backing, and present valuable initiatives that can be replicated across the continent.