For a society to reach an inclusive and sustainable economic growth, conditions must be created to allow people to have quality jobs that stimulate the economy while not harming the environment. A equitable work environment must be ensured and growned, including all members of the society. The integration of disadvantaged populations is thus an opportunity to stimulate economic and social growth, by undermining inequalities.

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The Congress has adopted a few texts relating to the economic inclusion: 

  • REC438 (2019) and RES449 (2019) - Fair distribution of taxes in transfrontier areas. Potential conflicts and possibilities for compromise
  • RES414 (2017) - Forever young? The role of youth policies and youth work at local and regional levels in supporting young people’s transition to autonomy and working life
  • REC382 (2015) and RES392 (2015) - Championing children’s rights in times of austerity
  • REC381 (2015) and RES391 (2015) - Fighting the increasing poverty of women: the responsibility of local and regional authorities
  • REC376 (2015) and RES386 (2015) - Bringing down barriers to youth participation: adopting a lingua franca for local and regional authorities and young people
  • REC347 (2013) and RES362 (2013) - Migrants' access to regional labour markets
  • REC343 (2013) and RES358 (2013) - Integration through self-employment: promoting migrant entrepreneurship in European municipalities
  • REC262 (2009) and RES281 (2009) - Equality and diversity in local authority employment and service provision
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