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Advancing at Constructing Safe Learning Space in Non-formal Education

World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and Human Rights Education Youth Network (HREYN)
1-5 November 2022
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 The aim of this study session is to increase the quality of non-formal education and human rights education in participating organisations, by raising awareness, sharing practises and increasing competencies of trainers, educators and youth workers for safe space development.

 The objectives of the study session are:

  • To gather trainers, educators, youth workers and other practitioners in non-formal learning and human rights education to discuss and have a shared understanding of safe space and related concepts in education;
  • To map existing practices to create and hold safe spaces in educational settings, sharing and valuing different experiences;
  • To challenge and improve the existing non-formal methods and examine their ability to ensure safe spaces;
  • To identify key indicators for safe, respectful, and equal space in the group learning settings and create guidelines and recommendations for practitioners and organisations;
  • To plan future actions and collaborations to further enhance safe spaces in participants’ contexts.




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