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[18/09/2015] The Monitoring Committee of the Congress adopts a declaration expressing its deep concern regarding the deterioration of local democracy in Azerbaijan
[15/10/2014] Leyla Güven: ''The fact that Turkey has ratified the European Charter of Local Self-government is of crucial importance to Turkish local authorities''
[03/07/2014] Congress pleased by release of Leyla Güven and the other elected representatives detained in Turkey
[27/03/2014] The Congress calls for the release of Leyla Güven
[10/02/2014] Meeting of the Congress Bureau
[09/12/2013] Congress rapporteurs pay second visit to Leyla Güven
[06/12/2013] A Congress delegation is carrying out a visit to Leyla Güven
[21/10/2011] Congress Bureau gravely concerned about massive detention of local elected representatives in Turkey
[18/10/2011] The Congress debates the case of Leyla Güven
[07/10/2011] Congress delegation concludes visit to Leyla Güven
[06/10/2011] Congress delegation to meet with Leyla Güven
[04/07/2011] Keith Whitmore: ''The detention of local elected representatives in Turkey remains a cause of grave concern''
[25/03/2011] The Congress adopts a report on local and regional democracy in Turkey
[21/05/2010] Congress Bureau adopts a declaration welcoming the release of Abdullah Demirbas

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