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Congress delegation takes part in the Social Integration Summit in Istanbul
A large delegation of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe participated in the Social Integration Summit, organised on 17 and 18 May 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. This Summit aims at highlighting the importance of social inclusion against the multiple crises that Europe currently faces. Congress President Jean-Claude Frécon addressed the opening Session of the Summit on 17 May. Members and representatives of the Congress took part in the thematic sessions on 17 and 18 May: Yoomi Renström (Sweden, SOC), Congress co-rapporteur on refugees and migration issues, on « Social integration in the light of Refugee Crisis », Leen Verbeek (Netherlands, SOC), Congress vice-President, on « Integration and international agenda », Dusica Davidovic (Serbia, SOC), Congress member, on « Inclusion of Roma Citizens », and Gaye Doganoglu (EPP/CCE, Turkey), Congress vice-President, on « Social integration of the People with Disabilities ». Congress Director a.i. Jean-Philippe Bozouls spoke at the closing of the Summit on the theme « Urban Regeneration and Social Integration ».

Istanbul Declaration : Commitment to Local Action for Social Inclusion

Mayors and senior political representatives of cities from different regions of the world, including a large delegation of Congress members, met in Istanbul on the occasion of the “Social Integration Summit” on 17 and 18 May 2016. “We, the local powers, play a significant role in guaranteeing a safe, fair, sustainable and inclusive environment for our citizens” they stated in a Declaration adopted at the closing of the Summit. “Therefore, cities should be both architects and executors of strategies that foster social inclusion […]. We commit ourselves to act in cooperation with relevant stakeholders, and with the participation of the inhabitants, by adopting a participatory approach, empowering individuals, promoting awareness on causes of inequality, developing public services and acting in a sustainable way toward removing all kinds of barriers to employment”, they added. “We commit ourselves to promoting the social development of our cities, guided by the following principles: equity, access, participation and cohesion”, the mayors and political representatives concluded in their Declaration. 

Jean-Claude Frécon: "By strengthening the synergy between the various levels of governance and Europe, we will be able to build a society that offers everybody a future" Jean-Claude FreconYoomi Renström: Integration and dialogue with migrants must go hand in hand with a staunch defence of our democratic values and their transmission to all citizens''
Leen Verbeek: "There is no typical profile, no traditional route in radicalization processes. It is rather connected to some serious shortcomings of our democracies" Jean-Claude FreconDusica Davidovic presents the Alliance of Cities and Regions for Roma inclusion
Gaye Doganoglu : ''More has to be done to create equal opportunities for people with disabilities and to include them in social life''. Jean-Claude FreconJean-Philippe Bozouls: "Towns and cities are made for and by all citizens within democratic local authorities"


Istanbul Declaration
Summit website
Congress President presents Congress medal to Yavuz Mildon, honorary member and former Congress President.

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