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Post-monitoring of local and regional democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Congress examined a report on the post-monitoring of local and regional democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 27 March. The Congress rapporteurs Jean-Marie Belliard (France, EPP/CCE) and Beat Hirs (Switzerland, ILDG) welcomed the implementation of the population census process carried out in October 2013. However, they regretted that the recommendations made by the Congress in 2012 had not always been implemented, owing to the political and institutional deadlock at state level as well as in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH).

'This deadlock is preventing constitutional reform which is essential to fulfil the obligations borne by the country as a member of the Council of Europe', explained Mr Belliard. 'If that reform is not implemented, the interests of the population will not be properly defended', he added.

Accordingly, the Congress calls on the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to guarantee local self-government in practice, which also includes the allocation of sufficient financial resources to local authorities, commensurate with their powers and responsibilities. 'We urge the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to call on the expertise and assistance of the Congress in drawing up, in co-operation with all the relevant stakeholders, a reform programme aimed at increasing decentralisation in line with the Charter', concluded Beat Hirs.


The adopted recommendations are transmitted to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, which may decide to transmit them to the authorities of the country concerned, in order that they may take the texts into consideration. National authorities and the Congress may then decide to continue their political dialogue initiated during the monitoring process, to guide the implementation of these recommendations on the basis of a jointly-developed roadmap. This second stage is the post-monitoring phase, based primarily on the development of this political dialogue.

Report CG(26)13
Recommendation 356 (2014)

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