How to take part in ELDW?

ELDW is targeted specifically at local and regional authorities (local communities, cities, municipalities, provinces, regions).
In order to take part in ELDW as Partner of the Week, simply follow these simple recommendations:

    Read the general information on ELDW and the thematic ideas focused on the leading theme of the year.
    Plan initiatives to be held with citizens and residents during the Week (or at a different time of the year if necessary) mainly focusing on the leading theme and on other participatory processes initiatives.
    Fill in the registration form to take part in ELDW. If you feel that your city complies with the 5 specific criteria, you may apply as a “12 Star City”. Otherwise you register as Partner of ELDW.
    Download and print out information materials from the relevant section of this website, and publicise the ELDW logo on your official website.
    Organise the planned events and initiatives with citizens and target groups.

After ELDW, local authorities may be asked to send the Congress secretariat materials, pictures, comments on their experience, responses to questionnaires, etc.
In return, the list of all participating local authorities and their planned events will be continually updated on this website.
Here, news articles about the activities, brief comments from the mayors of the participating cities and towns, pictures, etc. will also be published.

Organise the ELDW as “12 Star City”?

Towns, cities and municipalities wishing to give special prominence to their participation in European Local Democracy Week, may organise their Week as a “12-Star City”.
This title is intended to highlight the commitment with which a city council/a municipality raises its citizens’ awareness of local democracy and encourages them to make use of all the opportunities provided through participatory democracy processes.

In order to take part in European Local Democracy Week as a “12-Star City”, municipalities/ other local entities must undertake to fulfil five criteria and conditions. To know more click here.

Those authorities who are not able to fulfill all of these criteria are more than encouraged to organize events as Partner of the ELDW, and the Congress will reckon their involvement in the ELDW.

Edition 2014

The ELDW theme for 2014 will be adopted during the 26th Congress Session (25-27 March 2014). Registration to the ELDW will be available after this date.


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