IInd General meeting of associations of Local and Regional Authorities

Strasbourg, France - 18 September 2008

The 2nd General meeting of associations of local and regional authorities was organised by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe on 18 September 2008. This meeting demonstrates its will to develop increased co-operation with associations of territorial communities.

The debates were organised in two working sessions. The first session, chaired by Ludmila Sfirloaga, President of the Congress Chamber of Regions, built on the conclusions reached and proposals made at the first General Meeting, in February 2006, which identified the main areas of potential cooperation between the Congress and national associations. Among those areas were promotion of the European Charter of Local Self-Government, the follow-up of Congress recommendations, monitoring of local and regional democracy, and sharing of experience and best practice between the Congress and associations.

During the second session, chaired by Onno van Veldhuizen, Congress vice-president, the national associations and the European associations of local and regional authorities discussed the mission and place of the Congress in the European institutional landscape, as well as their expectations, their role and contribution to the Congress activities, and the priorities foreseen by the Congress for 2009-2010.

Onno van Veldhuizen: ''Engaging associations, we should move from the rain dance to the actual rain'' (more...) Keith Whitmore: ''Associations should act as an early warning system in monitoring territorial democracy'' (more...)

Victor Pankrashchenko: ''The Congress should assess the application of the Local Self-Government Charter in Russia'' (more ...)
Jean-Claude van Cauwenberghe: ''Local/regional teamwork is the basis of our democracies'' (more ...)

Ludmila Sfirloaga: ''Associations must ensure gender parity in Congress membership''
(more ...)
National associations speak with a stronger voice when backed by the Congress, says Halvdan Skard (more ...)

Jean-Claude Frécon urges local and regional authority associations to promote new European Urban Charter (more ...)
Speech (French)
Staff of elected representatives ensures the implementation of their political action, according to Ulrich Bohner (more ...)

Conclusions presented by Antonella Cagnolati, Congress Director: ''Promoting local democracy calls for closer teamwork between the Congress and local and regional authority associations''
Conclusions (french)

Programme (pdf)

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