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Jean-Claude Frécon, the new President of the Congress, addresses the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe

[22/10/2014 15:30:00] “The Congress, an assembly of elected local and regional representatives, has become for both European governments and the other Council of Europe entities a loyal, operational and effective political partner. Within an intergovernmental organisation it has managed to find its rightful place, and it is with your support that this development has been possible”, said Jean-Claude Frécon, the newly elected President of the Congress, during his exchange of views with the Ministers’ Deputies of the Council of Europe on 22 October 2014. “We shall continue to consolidate our activities of monitoring the European Charter of Local Self-Government and observing local elections, while further increasing implementation of our recommendations through political dialogue with governments”, he explained.
Speech (French)
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Council of Europe Congress issues declaration on separatist tensions in Ukraine and neighbouring countries

[17/10/2014 10:30:00] The Congress adopted a declaration on separatist tensions in Ukraine and neighbouring countries on 16 October, at its 27th session held in Strasbourg (France). The Congress had already condemned the annexation of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol by the Russian Federation in a declaration made at its previous session in March 2014. In the latest declaration 'condemns Russia’s military intervention in the east of Ukraine, and condemns all forms of pressure by Russia on its neighbours'. 'The security of this continent is seriously threatened by the Russian Federation’s repeated failure to comply with international rules and the principles and values of the Council of Europe that it signed up to when it joined the Organisation', states the text presented by Marc Cools (Belgium, ILDG) on behalf of the Congress Bureau. The declaration was adopted following a debate lasting some three hours, in which the speakers included: Vyacheslav Nehoda, First Deputy Minister of Regional Development of Ukraine, Valeriu Chiveri, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, Oleksii Reznikov, Deputy Mayor, Chairman of Kyiv City Council, Tengiz Shergelashvili, Deputy Minister for Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, and Fikrat Mammadov, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Session
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Text of the Declaration
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Jean-Claude Frécon pays tribute to Herwig van Staa’s commitment to local and regional democracy

[21/10/2014 17:00:00] ''Herwig van Staa’s 25 years of political commitment in the service of local and regional democracy add up to an outstanding contribution at both national level in Austria and European level'' according to Jean-Claude Frécon, speaking on the occasion of the publication by the University of Innsbruck of a book about Mr van Staa’s political career. Mr Frécon paid tribute to the work done by Mr van Staa, particularly within the Congress, of which he has been a member since 1996. He has (twice) held the post of President of the Chamber of Local Authorities, and has also been President of the Chamber of Regions and a member of the Bureau. In addition, he has twice held the office of President of the Congress, from 2002 to 2004 and again from 2012 to October 2014. He is currently President of the Regional Parliament of Tyrol, Austria. Photo: Herwig van Staa and Pr. Kurt Ebert during the ceremony in Innsbruck

Youth Delegates participate in the Congress for the first time

[17/10/2014 16:00:00] 'Empowering youth: a shared responsibility for cities and regions”: was the theme of the 27th Session of the Congress held from 14 to 16 October in Strasbourg. For the first time young delegates, aged 16 to 30 years, from 34 different countries, took part in the Congress’ session and spoke at all the debates, sitting together with the members of the Congress in the hemicycle. They also participated in the meetings of the three Congress committees. On 15 October a special youth debate was on the agenda of the Session. The Youth Delegates decided on the two topics of the debate, namely “Youth (Un)employment” and “Co-management and the setting up of joint decision-making bodies”. Both topics were introduced by the Youth Delegates and debated together with members of the Congress. To ensure everyone’s voice was heard, including those who were not able to be there, comments on Twitter were screened live in the hemicycle with the hashtag #youthsession2014. On 16 October the Youth Delegates issued their recommendations to the elected representatives of the Congress, aimed at empowering young people in Europe to participate in the public debate and decision-making process.
Press release
Declaration of youth delegates
Video of the debate
Media Box Interviews of young delegates

The Council of Europe Congress adopts partner for local democracy status

[16/10/2014 12:00:00] The Congress adopted, on 16 October 2014, a resolution introducing 'partner for local democracy' status open to local elected representatives in neighbouring non-member states of the Council of Europe. 'This status commits the authorities to uphold, respect and promote at all levels of government the values and principles of the Council of Europe.' said Jean-Claude Frécon, (France , SOC), rapporteur and newly elected President of the Congress. Speaking on behalf of the Moroccan government, Hassan Bouhriz, deputy mayor of Tangiers and member of the House of Representatives and, underlined the importance of this co-operation. 'The democratic choice made by Morocco and by all of the country's political parties is an irreversible decision. It entails not only enjoyment of citizenship rights through properly conducted elections, but also the choice of the area in which these rights are exercised'. he said. The Moroccan authorities should make a formal request to be granted 'partner for local democracy' status in early 2015.Session
Press release
Report CG(27)9
Speech by Hassan Bouhriz
Video of the debate (original version)
MediaBox interview with Hassan Bouhriz [YouTube]
Video - Speech by Hassan Bouhriz [YouTube]

Monitoring of local and regional democracy in Belgium

[16/10/2014 16:30:00] The Congress examined, on 15 October 2014, a report on the situation of local and regional democracy in Belgium on 15 October 2014, compiled after two monitoring visits carried out by Congress rapporteurs Henrik HAMMAR (Sweden, EPP/CCE) and Urs WÜTHRICH-PELLOLI (Switzerland, SOC), the first to Brussels and Tervueren on 8 and 9 October 2013 and the second to Brussels from 4 to 6 February 2014. The recommendation adopted underlines that the constitutional and legislative foundations of self-government are fully complied with throughout the country and that the scope of local self-government is generally respected. The Belgian authorities are invited to improve the procedure for consulting the communities and regions, in particular in the case of local authorities in the Walloon Region and the Brussels-Capital Region. Session
Press release
Report CG(27)7
Video (English version)
Presentation by Henrik Hammar, Rapporteur
Presentation by Urs Wüthrich-Pelloli, rapporteur

Congress adopts a Recommendation on the local elections in Georgia

[15/10/2014 18:00:00] The Congress debated on 14 October, a report and a Recommendation on the local elections held in Georgia on 15 June 2014. Jos Wienen (Netherlands, EPP/CCE), Congress rapporteur, welcomed the generally calm and peaceful manner in which the vote had been conducted, which constitutes another important step in strengthening Georgia’s democracy, in particular, at the local level. “This was not to be taken for granted after a very controversial electoral campaign including harsh rhetoric and violent actions,” he underlined. “Georgia’s potential to organise future elections in a genuinely democratic manner stands and falls with the maturity and responsibility of the political actors. A zero-tolerance policy towards electoral violence and degrading or hateful discourse has to be conceived with a view to the next elections” Jos Wienen added. The Congress recommended further improvements concerning: a more balanced composition of electoral commissions; the nomination of independent candidates and counting procedures.
Press release
Report CPL(27)5
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