ENTO - a European civil service training network
Improving local democracy

ENTO is a European network grouping together the local and regional authority training establishments of virtually all of the Council of Europe’s 47 member states.

First thought up by the Council of Europe, ENTO has, since 1995, been an independent association grouping a very wide variety of members, among them both organisations with years of training experience and relatively recent institutions with their own specialities. From this diversity springs a wide-ranging network within which members can exchange ideas and pool experience with other persons or bodies active in the same field, but with a different fund of knowledge.

Improving public administration

ENTO strives to promote better local democracy, the pillar on which any democratic society rests, and has enabled some fundamental reforms to be carried out in a good number of European countries in recent years, a development which depends inter alia on the efficiency of officials and elected representatives at every level.

It therefore supports both the Council of Europe and the European Union in their efforts to improve the quality of public administration in Europe, playing its part in those organisations' programmes of assistance for the countries of central and eastern Europe.

By ensuring that local and regional authorities have skilled staff able to perform their duties professionally, lawfully and democratically, ENTO makes it easier for those authorities to carry out their tasks.

Improving partnerships between local and regional authorities and training establishments

ENTO thus fosters co-operation by promoting professional discussions and exchanges of information and experience among its members, focusing on the problems facing local and regional authorities and training establishments.

In or and implement certain activities, it offers the assistance and support of other members. In practical terms, it enables bilateral and multilateral partnerships to be set up and makes it possible for the staffs of training bodies and of local and regional authorities to organise courses and study visits, or to take part in official visits, seminars or other activities which take place within the framework of Council of Europe and European Union programmes.

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