Local elections in "the former Republic Yugoslav of Macedonia (24 March 2013)

Observation of local elections: Exchange of views between Congress and EU Committee of the Regions members [25/11/2013]
On 25 November 2013 Congress members Stuart DICKSON, (United Kingdom, ILDG) and Juri LANDBERG, (Estonia, ILDG) addressed the Committee of the Regions’ Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External Affairs (CIVEX) in Brussels. They presented the findings of the joint missions of elections observation carried out in “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” and in Armenia in 2013. In a reciprocal arrangement, the CoR members Joseph Cordina (MT, PES) and Doreen Huddart (UK, ALDE) were invited to the 25th Congress plenary session on 30 October in Strasbourg to present their views. 
“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”: Congress adopts report on municipal elections and calls for a pluralistic media landscape [31/10/2013]
The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe debated and today adopted a recommendation and resolution on the municipal elections of 24 March 2013 in “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”. “These elections were well-prepared, efficiently administered, conducted in an orderly manner and carried out in accordance with the standards for democratic elections “, stated Juri Landberg (Estonia, L, ILDG), Congress Rapporteur and Head of delegation. He underlined however that he and his delegation had noted a partisan election campaign slanted in favour of the ruling coalition, and therefore recommended “that “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” ensures a pluralistic media landscape and appropriate working conditions for journalists, in harmony with genuinely democratic values”. He went on to mention the delegation’s concern that as a consequence of the present global economic and financial crisis, several municipalities reported problems in organising the elections, owing to a lack of financial resources. Joseph Cordina, representing the EU’s Committee of the Regions, who had participated in the observation mission and also took part in the debate, likewise welcomed the smooth running of the elections and identified a notable improvement from those held four years previously. 
Jean-Claude FRECON : “100 % of the Charter across 100 % of the European territory: deepening the application of the Charter” [30/10/2013]
“We have completed the enlargement process; next phase id the deepening” stated Jean-Claude Frécon, President of the Chamber in his opening communication at the 25th Session of the Chamber of Local Authorities on 30 October 2013 in Strasbourg. He considered the Agenda of the Chamber session; with reports on monitoring local democracy in Ireland, elections observations in Yerevan and in “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” and a report on the integration of migrants through entrepreneurship reflected the priorities of the new Congress. He added that the Charter by definition is an “à la carte” instrument and that the next aim of the Congress would be, to encourage all members to ratify all the Charter’s provisions through a process of political dialogue, post-monitoring and post-election recommendations.  
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