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We found ourselves in strange times. Yet, at a time when we are distant from one another, it does not mean that we have to be alone. Volunteers of Living Library Zasavje have taken the screens into their own hands. Thanks to isolation and social distancing, Living Library Zasavje now offers a virtual Living Library experience, with remote living book rental. Readers do not need glasses to read, but reader registration is required.


On April 1st and 4th, online Living Library Zasavje opened its digital reading rooms for the first time. It was exactly like the analogue one, well almost. With the help of modern technology and online tools, Living library got into living rooms across Europe. The first day bookshelves hosted 7 living books and 1 librarian. Together with the readers, they completed 15 readings. The second one gathered 9 living books, and even with some technical challenges, all together 22 readings happened. “Thank you for the patience and shared laughs. It was the first time for us too,” said the librarian Lea.


Digital Living library connected living books and readers from Slovenia (Litija, Zagorje ob Savi, Krško, Velenje, Idrija, Trbovlje, Novo Mesto, Ljubljana), Spain (Madrid), Croatia (Samobor, Dubrovnik), Serbia (Beograd), Austria (Wien), the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Albania and elsewhere. Seems like the new era of Living libraries and sea of possibilities is vast. The reading rooms might be digital, however some things will stay analogous forever - such as hugs, smiles and human rights. #solidarity


Curious when the next one goes live? Stay tuned and follow Living library Zagorje FB page.


Source: Living library Zasavje collective


Since their participation in the Forum for Living Library Organisers at the European Youth Centre Budapest in 2017, Living library Zasavje Collective participates in and contributes to the Council of Europe’s human rights education youth programme by organising Living Libraries & trainings all across Slovenia and beyond, connecting with the Balkan region.