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This project’s overall objective is to foster public confidence in the administrative judiciary by further strengthening its independence, impartiality and effectiveness and increasing its public awareness. It proposes measures to support the reforms that have been introduced by the Turkish authorities and develop further the administrative justice, if needed.

These measures are aimed both at reducing the number of appeals and also improving the quality of decision-making, that is to say, the delivery of quality decisions, within a reasonable time following a fair consideration of the issues.

The Project will assist the MoJ, first instance tax and administrative courts, RACs and the CoS in order to support the significant reforms introduced by the Turkish authorities in the restructuring of administrative appeals as the success of those reforms will contribute to the broader purpose of improving the capacity and effectiveness of the administrative justice system to secure the rule of law and raise fundamental rights’ standards.

Supporting further reforming of the administrative justice system including the strengthening the institutional capacity of Council of State (CoS) and increasing effectiveness and quality of the administrative justice courts are amongst the Project’s specific objectives as well.

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