The Joint European Union and Council of Europe Programme on “Enhancing the Role of the Supreme Judicial Authorities in Respect of European Standards” (Project) was initiated to enhance the commitment level of the Turkish supreme judicial authorities to the European Union (EU) accession criteria by raising the awareness on human rights protection standards of the leading judicial actors and establishing stronger relations with the EU judicial institutions and with its member states’ with a view of benefiting from their experience in the harmonisation of legislation and judicial practices.

The Project succeeded in general terms to deliver all outputs, by saying this, the important role of the partner institutions must be highlighted for cooperative efforts during the whole period of implementation. The ownership of the project and commitment to achieve tangible results was seen on behalf of all actors involved in the Project’s activities from the start until the end thus ensuring the praiseworthy results.

The referendum held in September 2010 and the legislative amendments following it have changed the structure and organisation of the partner institutions. For these reasons, additional activities, such as study visits, placements, conferences and round tables for the new members, reporter judges and inspectors were included into the Project gradually with three Addenda, including a new component to support the Constitutional Court (CC) in establishing a system for the review of individual complaints. The intense work plan of the Project allowed to organise the study visits for more than 500 hundred judges and prosecutors, 16 conferences on various topics and 10 round tables in addition to placements of 42 judges and reporter judges into various European institutions, including the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).