LTTC for minority youth leaders

Long-term Training Course “Participation and Citizenship on empowerment of minority youth leaders” (1997-2001)
LTTC for minority youth leaders

The European youth campaign "all different-all equal", carried out in 1995 was at the origin of one of the most innovative and challenging training projects undertaken by the youth sector of the Council of Europe, the long-term training course "Participation and Citizenship" on empowerment of minority youth leaders in Europe.

The course, which was run annually from 1997 to 2001, was aimed at training and empowering minority youth leaders to develop local projects and associative strategies based on participation, intercultural education and human rights from a European perspective.

Each year, the course began in the spring with a thirteen-day introductory seminar on training and project development at the EYC Budapest.

An evaluation and impact study was conducted in 2002, the main results and findings of which are presented in the publication “Making a Difference with Minority Youth in Europe” published by the EYCB in 2003.