IFM-SEI study session “Feminists of the World, Unite!”

IFM-SEI study session “Feminists of the World, Unite!”

The Feminists of the world, unite! study session co-organised with the International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International (IFM-SEI, @ifmsei) saw the participation of twenty-seven women and it took place at the European Youth Centre Budapest @european_youth_centre_budapest from 2 to 6 March.

It was an intense learning week for all participants and team, who discussed in depth about feminist intersectionality, identities, oppression and privileges, inclusion, diversity and active participation and a lot more.

Amongst the most important outcomes and conclusions of the study session we count: the creation of a safer brave space inspired by human rights education values and principles; participants' self-development and feeling of empowerment; the realisation that intersectional feminism is a valid approach in the educational field, requiring though a lot of attention, sensitiveness, honesty and courage from all those involved; and that it is extremely relevant from a policy perspective, as it brings light into areas of exclusion and disadvantaged otherwise unseen.

We closed the experience with an open space and the development of new projects and ideas, that hopefully soon will be put in practice, helping to spread the learning points and realisations we developed together!