YOUTH. TOGETHER social inclusion of refugees through youth work Long-Term Training Course

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YOUTH. TOGETHER social inclusion of refugees through youth work Long-Term Training Course

YOUTH.TOGETHER seeks to reduce the risks of social exclusion and violence that young refugees, especially minors in transition to adulthood, are exposed to. It supports the social inclusion of young refugees and their access to education, self‐development and autonomy through youth work and non‐formal education activities.

The centre‐piece of YOUTH.TOGETHER is a long‐term training course (LTTC) for youth workers, young refugees and social workers/educators active in reception and hosting centres for minors, or other social and educational facilities for, or involving, young refugees, especially those in transition to adulthood.

The LTTC training model was initially developed in the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe in the 1990s to support representatives of youth NGOs to develop and implement more effective projects for the specific groups of young people they work with.   The essence of the LTTC training approach is experiential learning, learning by doing.

They foresee initial training inputs received regarding the theme and how to develop a project with young people; the project will then be tested and tried out for real during the project phase at home. This project phase and the effectiveness of the training received is then reflected upon and evaluated in a seminar to review learning and results achieved both for the learner‐youth worker and for the beneficiaries of the project.  

The first phase is an introduction seminar of 8 days, through which a common learning platform is built and initial training inputs, especially around how to develop a project with young people/refugees are given.

The seminar was held at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg from 25 November to 2 December 2018.

Detailed description of the LTTC and the introductory seminar