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Quality in non-formal education and training

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The overall aim is to make sure the Youth Programme 2003-2005 is of a high quality and gains the widest possible exposure through:

  • maintaining and improving the quality of the education and training carried outby the Council of Europe's youth sector;
  • supporting the work of youth NGOs in Europe and, in particular, innovative projects which encourage young people to play a more active role in public life;
  • ensuring the activities of the youth sector of the Council of Europe gain the maximum public impact and exposure.

Selected activities: 

  • Training course: ''Introduction to Organising International Youth Activities''
  • Training for trainers involved in Euro-Mediterranean Youth Work
  • Training course for European Youth Centres study sessions programme

Selection of publications: 

  • The Council of Europe and Youth: Thirty Years Experience, (2002). The evolution of the Council of Europe's youth sector between 1972 and 2002
  • T-Kits: A series of educational and training publications produced in co-operation with the European Commission. All available on line at