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June 2006

Citizenship matters: the participation of young women and minorities in Euro-Med youth projects

Author: Ingrid Ramberg

ISBN 92-871-5913-0
Format : 16x24
No. of pages : 101
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Order Citizenship matters

This report deals with two fundamental dimensions of human life: the individual's right to recognition, security and protection - necessary prerequisites in order for each and every one of us to be able to live 'unique and free'; and the right for collectives of various kinds - ethnie or religious groups, nations and minority groups alike - to be heard and listened to in an unbiased and harmonious dialogue: the tree and the forest." With these words, Ingrid Ramberg Leads us into the proceedings of the training seminar on participation of women and minorities in Euro-Med youth projects. These themes are crucial to Euro-Med relations, not least because they are often a cause for misunderstanding or for the projection and expression of phobias and prejudice. The report succeeds in capturing the essence of the issues from a Personal and social level.

The experiences of this seminar are unrepeatable, but hopefully the lessons can be of inspiration and support to others who venture into imagining bridges in landscapes dominated by canyons. Ingrid Ramberg is chief editor at the Multicultural Centre in Botkyrka, Sweden. She has edited and authored other publications for the Council of Europe, namely on women, violence and Islamophobia. This project is carried out within the framework of the Partnership on Euro-Mediterranean youth training between the Council of Europe (North-South Centre and Directorate of Youth and Sport) and the European Commission, aimed at providing further quality training and learning opportunites for youth workers and youth leaders active in Euro-Mediterranean youth projects.