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European citizenship

European citizenship - In the process of construction - Challenges for citizenship, citizenship education and democratic practice in Europe
Edited by Ditta Dolejsiova and Miguel Angel Garcia Lopez
ISBN 978-92-871-6478-0

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European citizenship is still a contested concept, bringing together two notions and therefore two different debates: one around Europe and European identity, and the other related to citizenship and non-citizenship.

Europe, in an ongoing process of construction, should be shaped and defined by its citizens. Young people in particular have a special interest in and concern about what kind of Europe they want to live in. It is therefore important to reflect on how European citizenship and debates around European identity could help and empower young people to actively contribute to building Europe.

The essays collected here address this issue. They present the debates and findings of the research seminar entitled "Young People and Active European Citizenship" organised by the Youth Partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission. European citizenship remains one of the main priorities of this partnership.


Preface: European citizenship and young people in Europe
Introduction: Europe, citizenship and young people
Understandings of European citizenship: a post-colonial perspective
Reflections on European identity: the case of eastern European countries
European identity and civic concern: an argument against mythologising Europe
The integration crisis in the Netherlands: the causes and the new policy measures
The effects of citizenship status on political participation in the case of young immigrants living in Germany
Sense of community and social participation among adolescents and young adults living in Italy
Exploring youth political participation in Flanders
Limited access to active citizenship: social exclusion patterns affecting young LGBT people in Europe
Open Method of Co-ordination: a new avenue for enhancing young people's active citizenship?
Choice, voice and engagement: models and methods promoting active youth citizenship in the new Europe
Democratic ideals and practices in educational practice: the effects of schooling on political attitudes among secondary school students in Sweden
Strengthening opportunities for citizenship education at local level: the case of Berlin-Neukölln
Observations: translating research into policy
Observations: translating research into practice

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