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Youth employment and the future of work

Youth employment and the future of work (Youth knowledge No.10) (2010)
Author(s) : Edited by Jonathan Evans and Wei Shen
ISBN 978-92-871-6657-9

order Youth employment and the future of work


Young people are particularly vulnerable to fluctuations in economic trends. Youth employment is therefore high on the policy agenda of those concerned with promoting social inclusion. While youth-targeted employment policies tend to combine both demand-side and supply-side approaches, it is important to recognise that traditional notions of "work" have more recently been challenged and reconceptualised. The old assumptions about gender roles, "job security" and "planned careers" have thus been transformed by the profound economic and social changes of recent decades.

The essays collected here were developed from papers first delivered at a research seminar on youth employment organised by the partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of youth. They represent a diverse and, at times, provocative collection of analytic snapshots of the position of young people on the European labour market. What emerges is a shared commitment to finding flexible responses to economic globalisation and a concomitant concern for promoting the rights, interests and welfare of young people in both training placement and in the workplace.


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Key themes in youth employment and the future of work

I - Mobility and migration
Labour-market success of young European graduates
Fight or flight? Employment uncertainty and geographical mobility among youth in Portugal and Northern Ireland

II - Government responses
Young people and the employment market in Morocco
Youth employment-The Polish perspective
The impact of active labour-market programmes on young people's mental health: possibilities and limitations

III - Marginalisation
Poor work and social exclusion: marginalised youth transitions
The experience of youth unemployment in Turkey
The labour-market positions of Estonian and non-Estonian young people

IV - Participation and empowerment
Youth transitions in the south Caucasus: employment, housing and family
Putting youth in the mainstream of EU employment policy: better governance, more employment, enhanced participation

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