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The Council of Europe – ERYICA partnership  

Since April 1997, the Council of Europe maintains a Partnership Agreement with the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA), based on Recommendation No R (90) 7 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe concerning information and counselling for young people in Europe.

The partnership agreement has been established to promote and develop European cooperation in Youth Information and counselling, in particular by organising training activities for professionals involved in Youth Information and counselling.

NEW!! (May 2015) Compendium of national youth information and counselling structures
pdf available below

(more under preparation…pdfs available below)

ERYICA is an international non-profit-making association, created in 1986, which aims to ensure European co-ordination and representation in the field of youth information and counselling and to develop a European Network of youth information and counselling services. For further information please visit the website of ERYICA at:


Compendium of national youth information and counselling structures

A survey carried out by the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA) suggests that the vast majority of the many young people who use Youth Information and Counselling (YIC) services in Europe are grateful for their existence. This unique compendium – prepared by ERYICA and the Council of Europe – traces the history of YIC services across the continent, describes in detail the vital role YIC services play and offers guidance and advice for those countries wishing to expand, improve or establish their own structures. In an age when mass online communication can often be overwhelming and confusing, the compendium provides a valuable single reference for those interested in and working hard for a bright future for Europe’s younger citizens.

Young people’s access to rights through youth information and counselling

This publication is the result of the partnership between the Council of Europe and ERYICA. This toolkit on access of young people to their rights is first and foremost intended to assist youth information experts working directly with young people, but it can also be used in other non-formal activities. The toolkit offers many sources of information and inspiration on how to inform young people about their rights, in an attractive way. This publication offers you a summary of the most relevant and useful material available in the online world. The toolkit’s purpose is not only to inform as it is important to translate information into practical experience. Therefore, at the end of the publication one can find suggestions of practical activities and examples of good practice that can help young people to better understand human rights and ways to access them.


Youth information Starter Kit
The Youth information Starter Kit will give a first insight in what Youth Information is, the underlying working principles and missions, how to start creating Youth Information Services and some practical information on what the different European structures have to offer to those who want to step into the world of Youth Information.

Youth information starter kit English

French version, German version, Turkish version, Russian version, Spanish version, Macedonian version, Italian version, Polish version

Activities of the Partnership Agreement

The main events and activities organised in the framework of the Partnership agreement have been, in the respective years:

2014 – Université d'été sur l'information des jeunes (SUYIC)
Eryica a organisé une université d’été (SUYIC – Summer University on Youth Information and Counselling) à Braga, au Portugal, du 14 au 19 juin 2014, qui a accueilli 120 représentants, originaires de 6 pays africains et 24 pays européens. Une semaine riche en échanges de pratiques et en rencontres ! Cette université était l’occasion pour les participants de se pencher sur le développement des politiques de la jeunesse en Europe et en Afrique, de prendre part à des discussions sur le concept d’information jeunesse, tout en confrontant les perspectives régionales et en analysant les tendances et pratiques courantes de chacun. A également été identifié comment l’information jeunesse soutient les politiques de jeunesse dans les domaines de l’inclusion sociale, la citoyenneté, la mobilité, l’emploi, la participation et la santé. Enfin, les participants ont évalué l’impact que les projets et les politiques de jeunesse peuvent avoir dans la vie des jeunes et pour la société. Plus d'information >>

  • 2011 - Conference on the History of Youth Information (partial support)

This conference took place in Opatija, Croatia on April 17th 2011 on the occasion of ERYICA’s 25th Anniversary, coinciding with the European Youth Information Day. The conference gathered prominent figures that have worked in the past 25 years, are active in youth information and committed to its development. Our ambition is to evaluate the development of youth information and counselling in the last 25 years and identify common and new challenges for its development.

  • 2010 - Colloquy “Bridging the gap” in Budapest, Hungary

The colloquy “Bridging the gap” took place on dates 21-24 September, 2010 in the premises of the European Youth Centre in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. Main aim of the colloquy was to bring together European Youth Information workers from contrasting international Youth Information backgrounds and develop together input and ideas for future Youth Information projects and policy.

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  • 2009 - European Seminar “Youth Policy and Youth Information” (partial support)

The seminar “Youth Policy and Youth Information” took place on dates 1 – 6 December, 2009 in Rotterdam (NL). It was aimed at enabling current and prospective actors in the field to meet and learn from each other, to discuss and share issues, solutions, to design projects and display good practice by interacting also with European institutional stakeholders. The project has fostered regional cooperation by supporting the creation of networks, partnerships and projects in the Western Balkans, South East Europe, the Baltic Region and amongst well-established generalist youth information structures.

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  • 2008 - European seminar “Youth Policy and Youth Information: Europe and Montenegro” (partial support)

The Seminar “Youth Policy and Youth Information: Europe and Montenegro” took place on dates 8 – 13 December, 2008 in Tivat (Montenegro). It has been set up as an opportunity to develop youth information in the Western Balkans and boost the enhancement of the youth policy in the target countries by gathering selected participants and enabling them to discuss and share issues, solutions, projects and good practice with European stakeholders.

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  • 2007 - Colloquy “The future of Youth Information in Europe”

The colloquy “The future of Youth Information in Europe” took place on dates 26-27 November, 2007 in the European Youth Centre Budapest, Hungary. Main aim of the colloquy was to develop inputs concerning policy and practice in the field of youth information and counselling, which could be integrated into the political and strategic document “Council of Europe youth policy: AGENDA 2020”.

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