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The European Youth Centres are the backbone of the youth sector as they are production units, educational laboratories, and physical and theoretical focal points for future orientation of youth work and youth policy. Their approach to work with ‘multipliers of Council of Europe core values’ has created the EYCs’ fine reputation as ‘Centres of Excellence’: a unique mix of policy, training, research and the creation of a ‘Council of Europe youth identity’.

Provision of competent educational support, residential facilities and a physical space with links to all Council of Europe sectors provide the strategic policy: the EYCs promote in their training and seminar activities the mission of the organisation by awareness raising and provision of information, intercultural education, research and youth policy development. Through the residential nature of their activities, the EYCs can achieve what is not possible through mere financial support: they mark biographies and create memories, sustainable networks and cooperation, and they engage in development and build up consolidated knowledge.

This knowledge serves as a reference point for the youth programmes of member states as well as those of the European Union, the UN and other international organisations and non-governmental partners.

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